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Treating Dry skin in summer.

Summers are here, though it is refreshing and sunny but is all full of itchy traps.None of us wants to end up in hospitals due to this.The itchy skin is caused by excessive dryness of the skin which is due to heat.The harsh chemicals in the soaps adds on to irritate the skin which will also lead to rashes.

Treating dry summer skin starts knowing how to retain the oils on your skin. Organic soaps are the best way to do so.

These soaps devoid of all harsh chemicals comes to the rescue.There are variety of soaps with natural neem , lemon, coconut,cucumber, olive oil extracts which serve as  the medicine for itchiness and dry skin. Here are some our picks to help you get and your skin through the summer in one piece:


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How to choose a Perfect kurti for Pear shape body?

Fashion is a frequently changing phenomena since ages. We instantly adapt new fashion trends and forget old trends. This sequence never stops. But Kurtis are always in trend as it represents the amalgamation of indian and western styles all together. The best thing about kurti is that, you will always find styles to compliment your body type! Whether you’re skinny and want to add volume or vice versa, there is always something.

To choose a perfect kurti for first and foremost thing to understand your body. Once you have a basic grasp of what your body type is and what compliments you the most, you will never have a fail-moment in life!


Finding the exact clothing for your body shape is tricky .There are five main body shape hourglass body shape, rectangle body shape, pear or triangle body shape, round or apple and inverted triangle body shape. Choose exact kurti for your body type that flatters you best. But deciding between different cuts, colors, styles, length and fits can be not easy. Here some guidelines to choose right kurti for pear body shape.

With a wider lower body and a thinner upper body, pear shaped women should select kurtis that draw attention to their shoulders and on the upper part of the body. Most Indian women have such a body type.


Choose silhouettes like A-line, empire line, angrakha and anarkali styles as it will gracefully fall over your problem area. You should stay away from skin fit kurti’s specially with printed bottoms as it will draw attention towards your lower body.


Necklines & Sleeves

As you have narrow shoulders, opt for necklines which will bring attention towards your upper body like, boat neck, halter necks, nehru neck, band collar, cowl neck etc. Choose kurti’s with structured shoulders or structured sleeves like cap sleeves, puff sleeves, leg-o-mutton, ruched, bishop sleeves to balance out your structure.


Prints and Embellishments

Prints and embellishments should be kept minimal towards your lower body. Bold and bright patterns, prints or embellishments should be used at the top upper body like, sleeves, neck, bust and waist. Ombre prints and embroideries are like the perfect choice for your body type, as it complements your body structure perfectly if placed properly.


Colors & Prints Combinations

Pair light color kurti’s with dark color bottoms, as it creates visual balance for your body structure. If you want to experiment with prints then choose bold and bigger prints for your upper body. Opt for camouflaging prints like, abstract prints for your lower body.



Opt for fabrics which will fall over  and complements your body structure. Fabrics like rayon, georgette, chiffon, crepe, satin etc are like the perfect for your body type. Avoid stiff fabrics like organza, raw silk and organdi as it will bring attention towards your lower body.



Palazzo pants, salwars, chudhidars or leggings works best for you. Avoid wearing patiyala salwars, tight fitted straight pants or dhoti pants as it will make your lower body look more heavy.


Plus size  Pear shape body

Women with full figures often find it challenging to shop clothes according to their body structure. No matter the size, the rules to choose clothes are always same. You just need to sit and understand your body type more patiently, and figure out what are your major assets and pitfalls.

If you are pear shaped plus size woman, your major problem areas are your hipline and thighs. You need to follow the guidelines mentioned above , in addition to the below:

  • Avoid wearing body hugging kurtis as well as very loose kurtis. Opt for your perfect size.
  • Stay away from all over heavy embellishments, embroideries or surface ornamentations.
  • Opt for fairly broad or low necklines.
  • Choose to get your kurti’s tailored.

 Are you looking for comfortable and stylish kurti’s, so is the place. Checkout few styles perfect for pear shape body here:


Black red rayon straight kurti


Black red georgette kurti suit set


Maroon multicolored printed georgette kurti


Beige maroon printed cotton kurti



How to wear a perfect saree for Pear Shape body ?

A Saree  is the most elegant traditional Indian attire. A well chosen saree can increase your beauty manifold and turn the spotlight on you. The right saree not only dramatically changes your look but it is also capable of hiding any flaw in the body.Choosing the right saree depends on many factors like draping style, fabric, colour, embroidery, body type etc. But having an elaborate discussion on all these topics will confuse you even more. So, narrowing down its best to discuss about one of the main factor on which choosing a sarees depends which is the height and body shape.


Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. So, they should go for fabrics like chiffon and georgette, as these would balance out their upper and lower part. Always stay away from mermaid cuts that would add unnecessary attention to your lower part. Go for seedha pallustyle in draping, as that will make your body look proportionate. Bold and bright colours will suit you the best. You can opt for beautiful borders, small prints and embroidery work.Some main points to be remembered:


Sarees made from fabrics like chiffon, soft silk and georgette to balance out your upper and lower part.


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Gujarati-style (seedha pallu) saree with minimum pleats just below the navel to make your body look proportionate.If you want to try something different then, go for dhoti style saree.


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Color, Prints and embroideries.

Saree with bold & bright colours, small prints, embroidery work and heavy border work.


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Go for saree that have detailing on blouse or pallu.Wear high-neck, square-neck, boat neck, scoop necks, sweetheart neck, halter blouse, strapless blouse or v neck.


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Shorts and Plus size women !

Shorts … some people love them while some hate them. No matter what but these fashion staple for summer are designed in many styles, fabrics, prints and colors. Women shorts are always be one of the most popular must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Shorts will give you the same cool, breezy feeling as a skirt, and for those who love to fashion in casual, yet sexy and flattering outfits will definitely have these versatile pieces more than one designs.


It is even more harder for plus size women to decide on to show off there legs. But as we believe “SIZE IS NO BAR IN FASHION”. Here’s the tips you need to know before wearing shorts this season.

Prevent Chub Rub Before It Starts

If chub rub is stopping you from wearing shorts, don’t let it! Even if your thighs touch, there are ways to prevent the pain! You should lotion up your inner thighs and tap some powder on your chub rubs. Not only does it make everything silky to prevent friction, but it also smells wonderful! There are also anti-chaffing agents out there that come in sticks like deodorant. You might want to try one of those, too!

Choose the correct length of the shorts

Jean shorts made for plus girls are such an awkward length. They aren’t quite shorts, but they aren’t quite capris. Basically, they are super unflattering. Just because your thighs are big doesn’t mean  you deserve ugly shorts! Master tip? Stop relying on stores! Maybe you’ll get lucky every once in a while. But mostly, you’ll just be disappointed. So just convert your denims into shorts, and get the perfect and desired length for yourself.


Fabric Shorts Are Usually Fab

If you’re buying shorts in stores, go with lightweight fabric ones. They are usually cut in a style that is so much more flattering than the jeans variety.

High-Waisted Shorts Are A Must, No Matter The Style

If you are about that crop top life, invest in some high-waisted shorts. They are the perfect pairing for your shorter summer tops. High-waisted shorts are so flattering on plus bodies, if you’re into that “figure flattering” talk. Plus, they are comfortable as all hell.

Wear Tights Underneath For Extra Protection

Another chub rub prevention technique? Wear tights under your shorts! Your thighs will thank you, and your outfit will be a little edgy-chic.


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Short!

Whether you are cutting the shorts yourself or buying them in stores, don’t be afraid to get short! As plus girls, are always told to hide their bodies. But forget that noise! Summer is hot. You deserve to be cool while still looking hot.

Be Confident!

Okay, so now you have some shorts that are lying in your wardrobe. You obviously look killer. So go out there and rock it! Show everyone that plus girls have nice legs, too! Build up your confidence and rock it.

Say bye to the usual whites


Media coverage by Hindustan Times – How one can team up pastel colors with different outfits and say bye to the usual whites.

Milan’s Flamboyance


Spotted on the Streets of Milan, a Scarlett you just cannot ignore! The Reincarnated Plaids, the Asymmetric Hemline and a smack on the Lips that you just can’t miss! Staying trueMil to the stories about Milan’s Street Style, here is an undeniable example of the Flamboyance they talk about.

A White Summer


Summer is here and it’s time to bring out the Whites!

Not only is White on White one of the foremost trending Style Mantras for the Season, white is also the primary color to swear by every Summer!

Here are some of the Handpicked Whites which had us head over heels :



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Still not convinced?

Check out our varied range of All-things-White and we promise to leave you asking for more 🙂

Color Riot


Olivia Palermo does it yet again! The Queen of street style was seen blending Florals with a solid Emerald Top. Gutsy and oh-so-summery, the photographer took it up a notch with the classic NYC Yellow Cab as the backdrop.

Summer Dressing GOALS 🙂

Summer Chic


Pantsuits are definitely on a High this Season! Revamp your conventional pantsuit – crop those pants and plunge in on those necklines! And of course Pastels are a must! Loving how these two ladies from NYC go the Casual way with their pantsuits!

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