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How to choose embroidered sarees for plus size?

The saree is one the oldest outfit for indian women.Usually plus-size women do not pay a lot of attention to embroidery and embellishments while shopping for sarees, but they can be used very effectively to appear slimmer. Indian designer’s are experimenting with different designer saree styles. But every style is not appropriate for each body shape.


Plus size women should identify the most attractive parts of their body and highlight them using bright coloured embroidery. But, should be careful with the use of sequins, they look only good in moderation because otherwise they can make you look large. Here are few tips to buy embroidered sarees for plus size women

Stay away from all over  heavy embroidered sarees:

Plus size women should stay away from all over heavy embroidered sarees, as it adds more bulk to their bodies.



A big no to heavy & broad  borders:

Heavy broad borders cuts the height of the person and widen the frame, resulting in making one look more bulk and heavy.


Opt for long length blouses with embroidery

Long length blouses gives a shape to your body structure and helps in camouflaging your tummy area. Embroidery on the blouses draws one’s attention towards your upper half giving you an illusion of looking tall.


Placement of embroidery motifs matters.

Choose sarees which have embroidery in right direction or have right placement of motifs to make you look proportionate and balanced.


Check out few embroidered sarees here:

How to wear sarees for Voluptuous Figure??

Fashion changes with time but Indian Ethnic wear like “SAREES” are always in vogue. To create the newness, designers are experimenting with new styles like stitched sarees, lehenga saree, dhoti sarees, saree gowns. With the ecommerce boom, Indian sarees online are available in a variety of designs, fabrics, prints and colors nowadays. But not all sarees are perfect for everyone. While choosing a saree, you need to consider certain points, which results in giving you an attractive yet slimmer look at the same time.


Check out few important tips to be kept in mind for a slimmer look , next time you drape your saree.

 1. Get the right fabric.

The fabric of the saree plays a very important role in making a woman look slimmer or plumper. So, while choosing a saree, it is essential to be aware of the fabric of the saree and which suits your body shape.

  • Plus size women are always advised to select sarees which are made of lightweight fabrics like crepe and georgette. Like crepe and georgette, chiffon sarees would stick to your body and can make you look slimmer.
  • If you are willing to wear cotton sarees,then you are advised to select maximum 40% cotton mix sarees, not more then that.
  • 40% silk mix sarees are considered to be the best choice for plus size women.

Huma Qureshi at IIFA Awards 2015 in Kuala Lumpur on 5th June 2015 shown to user

2. Camouflage it with perfect prints.

The print on the saree also plays a very important role in making the wearer look slimmer.

  • You are strongly advised not to wear sarees which have bold and huge prints, as big motifs make you look plumper.
  • Sarees with prints like , abstract prints, aztec prints, prints which create an illusion are the best suitable for plus size women.


3. A big no to Broad borders.

Borders add beauty to sarees !! But on the other hand broad borders add’s more volume to your structure.

  • Opt for sarees without borders.
  • Sarees with thin borders or an impression of border are good choice for plus size women.
  • Stay away with heavily embellished or embroidered borders, as it adds on more weight to your look.


4. Flaunt those Curves with a Perfect Drape

Saree’s drape is one of the most important thing while wearing a saree. The beauty of the saree is the way you drape it and carry it. Hence, if it goes wrong ! everything goes wrong ! So, follow the steps next time you drape your saree.

  • Tuck your saree properly at the waist so that it doesn’t add volume to your body.
  • Make minimum pleats just to get the perfect drape and shape. Plump women going with a lot of pleats makes them look heavy bottomed and bulgy from their stomachs.
  • Keep the palla of the sari loose open on your arm and avoid pleating it all on your shoulder.
  • Long length blouses are also a good choice for voluptuous figure’s , and then you can get the palla from back and put it to one side. (Gujrati Style)


Hence, Flaunt your curves in sarees with confident by keeping these tips in mind.

Here are few awesome styles to checkout:


How to wear a Saree!


  • Get started by wearing with a waist-to-floor length petticoat tied firmly at the waist with a drawstring and a fitted blouse that ends at the waist.
  • After which, start tucking the plain end of the saree into the petticoat from the centre front, wrapping from left to the right and back to the same centre point. Make sure that the lower end of the sari should be touching the floor.
  • Make about 5 to 8 pleats of equal width of 4-5 inches, starting at the tucked-in end. Gather the pleats together neatly and hold them up together so that they fall even and straight. Now tuck it into the petticoat making the pleats face the left side, while ensuring the pleats are neat and equal at the bottom as well. You can use a safety pin to secure the pleats.
  • Drape the remaining saree from left to right around your hips and under the right arm over to the front left shoulder, holding the top edge of the sari. This pallu can be pleated and secured on this shoulder or it can be as is with a safety pin fastened to the saree blouse left shoulder.
Complete your look with appropriate jewellery, make-up and a pair of heels.
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