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Do you know your Body Shape?

The way your clothes fit and fall on your body is what matters more than your body weight. Hence, it becomes essential to understand your basic body shape, which will then help in knowing the types of clothes that will accentuate your good features and conceal or camouflage your body variations.

Wear a basic, conventional swimsuit or your basic lingerie. Stand in front of a full length mirror with your legs together and your arms lifted up sideways. Examine your shoulders, bust, waist, hips and thighs. 

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You are a Triangle body shape, if you:

  • carry more weight on your hips and/or thighs?
  • have narrower shoulders and smaller bust than hips?

You are a Rectangle body shape, if:

  • you have a smaller bust.
  • there is very little difference between your bust, waist and hips.

You are a Round body shape, if:

  • you have fullness in the tummy area.
  • your shoulder and bust are slightly smaller in proportion.

You are an Inverted body shape, if:

  • you have wider shoulders than hips.
  • you have a heavier bustline.

You are an Hourglass body shape, if

  • you bust and hips are in line.
  • you have a defined waistline.

Now that you know your bodyshape, your aim is to create an illusion of having a balanced body with:

  • Shoulders and hips in line
  • A defined bust and waist

Choose your clothing sensibly to come as close as possible to looking proportionate. While dressing, view yourself in whole. Do not focus specific problems such as the tummy, bigs,arms etc, which can distract you from taking the correct dressing decisions.


How to wear a perfect saree for Round/Apple body shape?

A Saree  is the most elegant traditional Indian attire. A well chosen saree can increase your beauty manifold and turn the spotlight on you. The right saree not only dramatically changes your look but it is also capable of hiding any flaw in the body.Choosing the right saree depends on many factors like draping style, fabric, colour, embroidery, body type etc. But having an elaborate discussion on all these topics will confuse you even more. So, narrowing down its best to discuss about one of the main factor on which choosing a sarees depends which is the height and body shape.


Apple/Round shape women have wide & heavy upper body with slender legs and arms. To complement your looks perfectly, you need to dress appropriately and wear right footwear & accessories. The styling aim of women with apple shaped body is to draw attention to their best assets: legs & arms. Learn secret techniques to hide flaws and accentuate your best features. Some main points to be remembered:


Light weight fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette will give you a gorgeous and enticing look. These fabrics sit closer to your body making you look slimmer. You should stay away from stiff fabrics like cotton, organdi or orgnaza.


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You should drape your sarees in a very simple way  with minimum number of pleats and preferably opt for ulta-pallu.


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Color, Prints and embroideries.

Your saree should have delicate embroidery and bead work. You should opt for dark colours with light borders. The saree should have a good fall due to which you will look slimmer.


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Blouses with necklines like V-neck, scoop,sweetheart, broad round neck , boat neck with full or 3/4 sleeves are good option for you as it camouflages your problem areas. Long blouses will be more suitable as they will help to hide the flabs.


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