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Plus size fashion: Reality V/s Myths!

Exploding fashion myths for plus size women is long overdue. For years, full-figured women have lived with the same rules, avoiding many of the styles they really want to wear. They are fearful that something will make them look larger, broader or heavier. Too often, plus size women dress much as our mothers and grandmothers did, choosing black over bright colors, long skirts over short ones, and spending day after day at home in shapeless house dresses. It’s a new season, ladies, and time to explode these myths!



Plus size women should never wear horizontal stripes.


In case you haven’t looked lately, horizontal stripes are everywhere. They’re showing up in dresses, blouses, sweaters and ponchos. Stripes are big on the fashion scene and horizontal, vertical and diagonal striped are almost equally popular.The best way to wear horizontal stripes is to break up the pattern with a blazer or colored pants.



Black is the only flattering color for fuller figures.


Black is not the only choice for plus women. Black slacks and pants can pair with brilliant blouses and sweaters for amazingly flattering looks. Black jeans, jeggings and leggings can be worn with a spectrum of plaids, paisleys, prints and patterns by women of all sizes. Black dresses are an integral part of nearly every woman’s wardrobe and are flattering to all sizes. Wearing black is fine, but limiting yourself to black is discouraging. On the other hand fact is  all the solid, bold hues are equally slimming.



Peplums add volume.


A streamlined pencil skirt with a peplum creates an hourglass shape. The beauty of a peplum is that it creates the illusion of a waist for those who might not have much definition in that area, and for those who do have a waist it’s one of those styles that accentuates the waist and forgives the muffin tops / tummy area. The hem of the peplum should hit just above the fullest part of the hip for optimal visual impact.  The eye will follow the hip curve as it bends towards the waist and disappears into the peplum.  Regardless of tummy or muffin bulge (which disappears under the peplum anyway), this is the most pleasing hem placement for that reason.



Patterned pants draw attention to a heavy bottom.


Black is slimming but gets boring! If the cut of the garment flatters your figure, you can wear just about anything you like including prints. When wearing patterns, opt for ones in a larger scale which camouflage lumps and bumps. For the ultimate slimming effect, look for patterns with darker backgrounds.

How to wear a perfect saree for Round/Apple body shape?

A Saree  is the most elegant traditional Indian attire. A well chosen saree can increase your beauty manifold and turn the spotlight on you. The right saree not only dramatically changes your look but it is also capable of hiding any flaw in the body.Choosing the right saree depends on many factors like draping style, fabric, colour, embroidery, body type etc. But having an elaborate discussion on all these topics will confuse you even more. So, narrowing down its best to discuss about one of the main factor on which choosing a sarees depends which is the height and body shape.


Apple/Round shape women have wide & heavy upper body with slender legs and arms. To complement your looks perfectly, you need to dress appropriately and wear right footwear & accessories. The styling aim of women with apple shaped body is to draw attention to their best assets: legs & arms. Learn secret techniques to hide flaws and accentuate your best features. Some main points to be remembered:


Light weight fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette will give you a gorgeous and enticing look. These fabrics sit closer to your body making you look slimmer. You should stay away from stiff fabrics like cotton, organdi or orgnaza.


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You should drape your sarees in a very simple way  with minimum number of pleats and preferably opt for ulta-pallu.


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Color, Prints and embroideries.

Your saree should have delicate embroidery and bead work. You should opt for dark colours with light borders. The saree should have a good fall due to which you will look slimmer.


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Blouses with necklines like V-neck, scoop,sweetheart, broad round neck , boat neck with full or 3/4 sleeves are good option for you as it camouflages your problem areas. Long blouses will be more suitable as they will help to hide the flabs.


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How to choose right handbags for plus size women?

A handbag is an important and essential accessory for every professional woman. They can affect your body, look and shape in the same way as a well-fitting dress, by flattering your figure or on the contrary adding volume to it.


They can take your image from dull and boring, to bold and sophisticated or fun and sexy. They carry your belongings, show off your personality and make a fashion statement.So when you are first choosing handbags the first tip is that the shape of the handbag should be the opposite of your body type, so now we need to look at getting the right size of handbag. The scale of the handbag you choose is just as important as the size, in relation to your body type. The size of your handbag should always be in proportion to your figure.

So here are some GREAT tips for choosing a handbag:


You should keep away from bags that are too small, as they will look lost against your figure. Go for handbags of reasonable size. Pick a large bag to balance out your curves. Balance your curves with a large, structured handbag, or even a boxy handbag.


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You should look for well-structured bags with sharp lines and distinct shapes, while thin girls shouldn’t be afraid to bring some fantasy into their look.

grey-handbag-269-original (1)

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Color also plays an important role,colorful bags with bright patterns and prints are ideal for tall girls, while tiny girls are recommended to choose plain, monochrome options.


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So  now you already know how to choose a bag to flatter your figure. Keep these simple rules in mind and let your bag complement your style and figure!



How to choose shapewear for plus size women ?

Women with full figures often find it difficult to purchase fashionable clothes that do not bring unwanted attention to bulges, cellulites, and other unflattering imperfections of the body. A dress that looks absolutely stunning where it hangs on the rack may, in the fitting room, seem like an entirely different piece of clothing altogether. Luckily, there is an easy and comfortable way to overcome the difficulties associated with shopping for plus-size fashion, and it is called shapewear. Perfect for correcting flaws and drawing attention away from unflattering areas of the body, shapewears are the foundation garment that smoothes out targeted areas of the body, so that whatever is worn on top looks at its best.


Many women make the mistake of buying shapewear in a smaller size to shave inches off their waist, but this often leads to the item rolling up or even cutting into the skin. Selecting the perfect shapewear for your figure can be a challenge, but the following guidelines will help you choose the best option for your shape.



 A good starting point is to ask oneself what areas of the body one wants to correct, and then start looking for shapewear that provides an effective solution to achieve this goal. Some pieces of shapewear are designed to have a broad and general effect, in that they cover a large area of the body, much like a classic bodysuit. This broad approach may be useful for individuals who want to achieve an improved overall figure, with no particular body zone being more problematic than any other. Other individuals may find this approach too blunt, however, and think it more useful to use targeted shapewear, i.e., pieces that were designed to alter the shape of specific areas of the body. Usually, this involves correcting smaller flaws around the waist, bust, hip, and torso areas. Some people find it helpful to have a collection of different shapewear items that can be worn in different combinations to achieve their desired body shape.



One of the main advantages of modern shapewear is its unobtrusive character. Where the corset was notoriously harsh on the body, shapewear is surprisingly comfortable. The key to maximising the comfort factor is getting the right measurements. A first-time buyer of shapewear should take care to gather proper measurements of targeted body areas instead of relying on the eye. Not only will this guarantee a comfortable fit, but it also avoids the creation of new lumps or bulges that may arise from poorly fitted shapewear, or from unnatural cramming.



Shapewear is worn underneath regular clothes, usually with the aim of being invisible. For shapewear not to be seen through the actual outfit, particularly when it comes to lighter colours, it is important that it matches the overall colour nuance of the clothes. When wearing a light dress, for instance, it would be unwise to wear black shapewear, as it is likely to be seen through the garment. For this reason, many people find it useful to have a collection of different colours so that they always have a piece of shapewear that matches the colour of the outfit worn.



The bodysuit is popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding separate top and bottom pieces that work. The all-over coverage is a plus for women who want to minimize their bust line, but it has a chest-flattening effect like that of many sports bras. If that doesn’t work for you, cut around the bust and let your bra do the work of supporting your chest. There are also styles which come with Bra Top that has a built-in bra.

As can be seen from this guide, the plus-size individual has many options to choose from when it comes to buying shapewear. While some prefer to use general large-surface shapewear, other individuals want to target particular areas of the body with specific shapewear solutions. Regardless of one’s preferences, shapewear is easily accessible and can be found in most lingerie stores and department stores. The Internet and online retailers such as eBay also make the process easier and offer a huge selection of plus-size shapewear in all shapes and sizes.

How to wear a perfect saree for Pear Shape body ?

A Saree  is the most elegant traditional Indian attire. A well chosen saree can increase your beauty manifold and turn the spotlight on you. The right saree not only dramatically changes your look but it is also capable of hiding any flaw in the body.Choosing the right saree depends on many factors like draping style, fabric, colour, embroidery, body type etc. But having an elaborate discussion on all these topics will confuse you even more. So, narrowing down its best to discuss about one of the main factor on which choosing a sarees depends which is the height and body shape.


Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom compared to their upper body. So, they should go for fabrics like chiffon and georgette, as these would balance out their upper and lower part. Always stay away from mermaid cuts that would add unnecessary attention to your lower part. Go for seedha pallustyle in draping, as that will make your body look proportionate. Bold and bright colours will suit you the best. You can opt for beautiful borders, small prints and embroidery work.Some main points to be remembered:


Sarees made from fabrics like chiffon, soft silk and georgette to balance out your upper and lower part.


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Gujarati-style (seedha pallu) saree with minimum pleats just below the navel to make your body look proportionate.If you want to try something different then, go for dhoti style saree.


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Color, Prints and embroideries.

Saree with bold & bright colours, small prints, embroidery work and heavy border work.


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Go for saree that have detailing on blouse or pallu.Wear high-neck, square-neck, boat neck, scoop necks, sweetheart neck, halter blouse, strapless blouse or v neck.


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5 dressing tips for plus size working women during monsoon.

Monsoons are finally here, don’t let the rainy season affect your desire to be stylish. It’s the time to completely rework your wardrobes.Whites, light colours and sheers have to be reserved for the winter and rain friendly clothes and accessories have to enter for the splashy season. Its true that dressing for this weather can be quite a pain but with a little trick and understanding, one can dress up or down in style and keep it latest at the same time.



You can replace the blacks and greys with blues, reds and oranges. Avoid whites into the closet for a couple of months. Wearing white in the monsoon is certainly not a good idea as white clothes tend to get transparent when wet and get stained easily. The colour of your shirt can vary from blue, pink and red.


Indian outfits

 Indian outfit are the saviour’s during monsoon season, but avoid wearing salwars and patialas, instead pick up a pair short kurtis with leggings or churidars. Long dupattas, which are difficult to manage during the rains, can be replaced with scarfs or stoles. Stay away from prints and fabric that tend to bleed when wet.



Keep the denims aside. Wearing them during the monsoon would not be a good idea as they usually take a long time to dry. Instead of that opt for smart formal skirts.



Leather shoes or sandals aren’t great in the rain as they tend to soak water and dry very slowly. Instead, choose jelly shoes, flats, floaters and any other sturdy footwear, which is also slip resistant. Avoid loose sandals as they tend to squirt dirt back on to you.


Hair, Makeup & Umbrellas

Moist atmosphere outdoors can make your hair go frizzy. Tying your hair into a neat bun or a ponytail or a braid is a great way to keep it under control.Waterproof kajal and eye-liner. You can go light on the foundation and if possible, avoid it.

Match your umbrellas with your clothing. When shopping for raincoats online, consider picking umbrellas that could be teamed up with those. This would help to bring uniformity in your look.


Rock your monsoons by followings these simple tricks. And, checkout out monsoon special plus size collection handpicked by stylists only for you.

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5 most flattering black dresses for plus size women.

Trends may come and go, but these dresses will always be a mainstay in every girl’s closets. No women have a complete wardrobe without a dress. And their are certain dresses which are must haves for every women.

Colors and Silhouettes play an important role when you decide to buy a dress, especially when it come to dress up your curves. Black is a color which every women love’s. Checkout different interesting silhouettes in black dresses on voonik.Untitled-1

Panelled Bodycon Illusion Dress

This is style is one of the most flattering style, princess cut seam will enhance your curves, while black panels on the side will camouflage your pitfalls.

1-product (1)

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Lace Trace Maxi Dress

Maxi’s are trending ! This black maxi dress with lace on its shoulder will create a sense of curiosity and bring the attention towards your face, creating an illusion,will make you look tall.

d3-product (1)

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Polka Dot Split Maxi Dress

This maxi dress with polka dots is so gorgeous. Two vertical slits in front will  provide you the elongated look: which means you will look taller and leaner.

d3-product (2)

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Lace love Bodycon dress.

The lace trend is still going on strong! This black lace dress with full sleeves will provide you a flattering silhouette, wear a body briefer inside it to camouflage your pitfalls.

1-product (2)

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Button Down Maxi Dress

Button down maxi dress is all time favorite. The front cut makes your leaner and taller.

d3-product (4)

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Plus size Fashion: Bling is In !

You all must be aware of how big the bling trend is right now. It of course can be named “Sequenced trend” with so much of parties and holidays lined up. No don’t relate it with cheap disco ball glitter but this trend is all about drama with a hint of sophistication. Mostly people are not a fan of shimmer all around them, but lately everyone has fallen for this trend. It certainly adds a X factor to any outfit. Now u need to understand what exactly is the bling trend? It’s the trend where you take out all your glittery clothes and accessories which you have been hiding in your closet all this time.


How to rock this trend ?

The main rule is, don’t wear all of it at once in your excitement. Let there be something for your next night out. So if you are wearing a sequenced dress, keep the rest of your outfit simple. And if you are wearing a neutral outfit, then glam it up with blingy accessories.

Bling top - Adrianna Papell Sequin Chiffon Top - Plus Size Mink

For daytime you can wear a casual T-shirt with an embellished jacket. Or maybe you can try a  cardigan with sequenced border. For office you can try a light beige cardigan with sequenced buttons will look good. Or maybe you can keep the rest of the outfit simple with neutrals and add a sequenced belt. It all depends on how much bling you want to add in your outfit.


You can always look for accessories if you are not sure that you can carry a whole sequenced dress or outfit. So if you don’t like an embellished jacket, how about sequenced bags? They are really easy to carry and still make you look up-to-date. You can go fir sequenced clutches, hand bags and satchels.


Taking the accessories even further, now comes the sequenced shoes. Well nothing can be more tempting for a girl then a blingy gold sequined pumps with black ribbon bow at the top! Glitter-Gold-Rhinestone-Wedding-font-b-Shoes-b-font-5-Inches-High-Heel-Party-Pumps-Bling.jpg

You can see  blingy doesn’t always mean “disco ball”. If done rightly, it can make you look sophisticated and fashionable at the same time. So what’s your take on this trend?


How to apply a perfect lipstick?

Clothes only makes up only one part of your look. A bright lipstick, a pop nail color, nice liner and mascara are all fun ways to add on to your looks. Makeup is one of the most important part of your look. Hence, this is the most versatile styling tips for plus size women, to bring the attention towards your face by applying right kind of make up.


So, when it comes to makeup, one of the most important component is lipstick. Even if you apply the right shade for your skin tone, you may not end up with the best results. To avoid such situations follow the steps to get the perfect lipstick day.

Prep it up

Always start with prepping your lips. Apply a lip balm/lip conditioner to make the lips soft and supple. Then, apply a lip primer as that would make the lip color stay on longer and wont let the color bleed.


Apply a base coat

It is important to even out your lips before applying the lip color. Choose a concealer of the shade that matches your lip color, and then apply it with a small fluffy or flat brush. Apply compact powder over it to seal the powder. This technique also makes the lip color stay longer.


Make an outline 

Ensure that you line your lips with a color that matches/complements your lipstick to prevent feathering. Apply it properly from one corner to the other on both the upper and lower lips, drawing the line along the outline of your lips.Once you are done lining the lips, fill the entire lip area with the same pencil. This would hold the color of your lipstick intact and it will stay put for a longer time.


Apply the Lipstick

Once you are done applying the lip pencil, take a lip brush and put the lipstick of your choice. Apply it all over the lips. Start from the center of the lip and move it onto the outer corners. Repeat the same procedure for the lower lip. Ensure you apply it within the outlines of the lip pencil. If you are not so good at using a lip brush to apply the color, you can directly use the lipstick for the application.


Define it and give it the final touch.

It is very important to make the lips looks more defined, for that use a concealer on a small flat brush and work on the edges of the lips. Blend the concealer gently, making it disappear onto the skin. This way you can also correct the shape of your lips, as well as make them look more defined and perfectly done.


Finish the look by adding a hint of lip gloss for a glam look, just keep it simple for a day wear.







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