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Guide to choose right type of panties for different styles.

Adriana Lima said once “Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath!Panty is one of the important parts of the basic lingerie any woman wears. Most girls start their daily regime by changing the pair of underwear. It is the backbone of a wardrobe, along with right fitted bras. Girls should put equal consideration in selecting the panty, as much as they pay attention in choosing the correct bra.

Girls have a love/hate relationship with their panties. The correct panty with a particular dress can you make you feel confident and comfortable. Whereas, the wrong pair can even lead you to a wardrobe malfunction! Girls wear a variety of dresses and hence require different types of underwear for different occasions. You cannot just wear the black boy shorts with a sheer skirt or a thong under your flown floor length dress. So, what does a girl need to do? Let us help you with the basic of underwear and discuss how to wear them correctly with any dress.

Fit & Flare

skater style

If you are planning to wear styles like A-line, Skater, fit & flare or empire cuts, always go with boy shorts or hipsters ! The fair cut of the panty covers more than what the traditional brief or thong covers. This will save you from the wardrobe malfunction induced by summer breeze.

Body Hugging


If you are all set to flaunt your curves with styles like: bodycon, sheath or shift. You should look for a foundation undergarment matching with the length of your bottoms. Thongs or seamless actually are the best underwear for formfitting clothing like dresses or tight skirts, as it leaves no panty lines.



Not too many girls like the granny panties/ full coverage and rather find it geek. It may be not the sexiest of the bunch, but obviously is a safe and comfortable choice to wear with tight fitted denims. It gives maximum coverage to the underneath parts of the body and raises your level of comfort. Hipsters are also good choice to wear under denims.

Jeggings/ Leggings


Seamless panties or hipsters are the best bet for wearing under jeggings or leggings. As These styles will give full coverage leaving no panty lines. If  the color of your jeggings/ leggings is white or any other lighter shade then select panty that is close to your skin tone. You can also try nude thongs to avoid the squeezed look caused by singular thin strap. In case you do not have skin color underwear in your wardrobe, you can wear light grey underwear with white pants. Grey hipsters or hip-huggers can form a comfortable undergarment to white shorts.

indian wear

If you want to wear traditional Indian dresses like, kurtis, suits, sarees or lehngas.  The best panty styles for indian wear is probably the regular briefs or bikini style. It gives a proper shape below the underskirt or the petticoat. The bottom hence looks more firm.

There are multiple styles of women’s underwear for all range of occasions. Going forward whenever you plan to buy new underwear, take the correct measurements and get yourself the right sized underwear for the best comfort. You basically have to know the correct hip and waist measurement of your body to decide the underwear sizing.

Brand of the Week – Clovia


Today we come to the eternal dilemma that leaves all of us confused – “Which Bra to wear under which Outfit” or “Which lingerie brand to choose from?”

This Thursday we are back with another favourite brand of Voonik – Clovia. They specialise in all types of bras, sleepwear and beachwear!

To pinpoint their USP is a tough call to make with the plethora of options they give us. For us the top notch quality offered by Clovia is their USP.

Shop their entire collection here

Check out a few pieces from their collection below:


Shop this push-up bra here


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NS0452P22_20(1)-product (1).jpeg

Shop this baby doll nighty here

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How to choose shapewear for plus size women ?

Women with full figures often find it difficult to purchase fashionable clothes that do not bring unwanted attention to bulges, cellulites, and other unflattering imperfections of the body. A dress that looks absolutely stunning where it hangs on the rack may, in the fitting room, seem like an entirely different piece of clothing altogether. Luckily, there is an easy and comfortable way to overcome the difficulties associated with shopping for plus-size fashion, and it is called shapewear. Perfect for correcting flaws and drawing attention away from unflattering areas of the body, shapewears are the foundation garment that smoothes out targeted areas of the body, so that whatever is worn on top looks at its best.


Many women make the mistake of buying shapewear in a smaller size to shave inches off their waist, but this often leads to the item rolling up or even cutting into the skin. Selecting the perfect shapewear for your figure can be a challenge, but the following guidelines will help you choose the best option for your shape.



 A good starting point is to ask oneself what areas of the body one wants to correct, and then start looking for shapewear that provides an effective solution to achieve this goal. Some pieces of shapewear are designed to have a broad and general effect, in that they cover a large area of the body, much like a classic bodysuit. This broad approach may be useful for individuals who want to achieve an improved overall figure, with no particular body zone being more problematic than any other. Other individuals may find this approach too blunt, however, and think it more useful to use targeted shapewear, i.e., pieces that were designed to alter the shape of specific areas of the body. Usually, this involves correcting smaller flaws around the waist, bust, hip, and torso areas. Some people find it helpful to have a collection of different shapewear items that can be worn in different combinations to achieve their desired body shape.



One of the main advantages of modern shapewear is its unobtrusive character. Where the corset was notoriously harsh on the body, shapewear is surprisingly comfortable. The key to maximising the comfort factor is getting the right measurements. A first-time buyer of shapewear should take care to gather proper measurements of targeted body areas instead of relying on the eye. Not only will this guarantee a comfortable fit, but it also avoids the creation of new lumps or bulges that may arise from poorly fitted shapewear, or from unnatural cramming.



Shapewear is worn underneath regular clothes, usually with the aim of being invisible. For shapewear not to be seen through the actual outfit, particularly when it comes to lighter colours, it is important that it matches the overall colour nuance of the clothes. When wearing a light dress, for instance, it would be unwise to wear black shapewear, as it is likely to be seen through the garment. For this reason, many people find it useful to have a collection of different colours so that they always have a piece of shapewear that matches the colour of the outfit worn.



The bodysuit is popular because it creates a head-to-toe streamlined shape, saving you the trouble of finding separate top and bottom pieces that work. The all-over coverage is a plus for women who want to minimize their bust line, but it has a chest-flattening effect like that of many sports bras. If that doesn’t work for you, cut around the bust and let your bra do the work of supporting your chest. There are also styles which come with Bra Top that has a built-in bra.

As can be seen from this guide, the plus-size individual has many options to choose from when it comes to buying shapewear. While some prefer to use general large-surface shapewear, other individuals want to target particular areas of the body with specific shapewear solutions. Regardless of one’s preferences, shapewear is easily accessible and can be found in most lingerie stores and department stores. The Internet and online retailers such as eBay also make the process easier and offer a huge selection of plus-size shapewear in all shapes and sizes.

Voonik Brand Launch – Private Lifes


Voonik is proud to launch the Lingerie & Sleepwear brand – PRIVATE LIFES! They specialize in fancy and decorative lingerie that makes you feel beautiful from within!

Decorative backs for Bras is their USP but they do not limit themselves to just that. From printed Sports Bras to superior quality Silicone Pasties – they have it all!

Shop their entire collection here

Check out a few pieces from their collection below:


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So Ladies, what’s the hold up? No one needs a reason to shop for exotic lingerie!

Let’s Indulge!

The Complete BRA GUIDE


Hello Ladies,

Today we come to the eternal dilemma that leaves all of us confused – “Which Bra to wear under which Outfit”

That painfully Backless Dress or that gutsy Plunge Neckline – do them all in Style this Year!

Our Bra Edit has you covered!


This one is Great for making Smaller Breast Sizes look more Full. Perfect under your Low-Cut dresses, it Lifts and Pushes the breasts together to Optimize your Cleavage-Line.



This gives Shallow or Settling Breasts great mouding Cleavage! Shorter Underwires with Less Upper Breast Coverage and Wide Side Straps makes this perfect for evenings when you want to get lucky!



Perfect for Shape, Comfort and Modesty; this one is best under T-Shirts or Clingy form-fitting clothes. Best camouflage for Erect Nipples, wear it if you have Shallow, Thin or Conical Breasts!



Wear it with Strapless Dresses or Tops, or club it with Necklines with which other Bra Styles don’t work. For optimum comfort, pick one with a Wide Back-Strap, Deep Underwires and Silicone Grip Strips.



Synonymous with athletic women, this Bra provides Full-Coverage and and works great for Wide-Set, Splayed and Pendulous Breasts! Plus no UnderWire means extra Comfort!


What are your Go-To Bras for Occasions?

Let us know in the Comments 🙂

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