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3 products to get wider looking eyes

There is absolutely no doubt that our eyes gets the most of attention. When looks are concerned big, beautiful eyes can add so much glam to a face, and who doesn’t want a wider dramatic eyes?

Presenting few quick tips for achieving wider eyes-

1. Apply eyeliner:

Lightly line the upper and lower lids from the inner corner to the outer corner and a little heavier on the outside corners.

Untitled design (1)

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2. Line under your eyes:

Use a dark eyeliner on the edge of the lower line outwards to give a wider look to the eyes.

Untitled design (2)

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3. Coat your lashes:

The bigger, the better. Apply several coats for voluminous look.

Untitled design (3)

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4 Must Have products in your handbag

Always in a hurry and never seem to have the time for sitting in front of the mirror for a quiet session of makeup? Or does the plethora of products available off the shelf seem confusing and overwhelming to choose from? Fret not, because we have got you covered ! 🙂

Here are some bare essentials to give you a polished look !

Brilliant black kajal

To get through an all-day work schedule, we recommend applying some creamy gel-based pencil kohl.


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Lipstick lover

Lips that leave an impression.The right lip color has the ability to brighten up your whole face and make you feel like the most fabulous girl in the room. We recommend a perfect  pink with a cream base that channels the polished elegance in a woman.


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Sleek, versatile, and handy – compact powders

Compacts are the solution for lazy, no foundation days.No matter what your skin type or tone is, when it comes to compacts, you are spoilt for choices!


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Dry shampoo

Dry shampoos promise to breathe life into your limp hair when you have a sudden party planned up. So spray the dry shampoo onto your hair and comb it to absorb all the excess oil. Dry shampoos are a saviour in such times of need!

Hope you enjoyed these quick beauty tips. Watch this space for more beauty blogs! 🙂


Beat the Heat : 5 Skincare Essentials!

There are some women who will have a bathroom cupboard full of skincare products while some are quite happy to go with just a handful of essentials. While we all have unique skin concerns there are some skincare basics that every woman should have with her. So here we suggest you 5 skincare essentials you must have in your bag this summer!

Lip Balm

Dry, cracked lips are a bitter reality that each person faces. And, with the summer heat and  windy days, it’s even worse. A lip balm with a slight  SPF is ideal for the dry summer weather. And, you can even go in for a tinted lip balm, which will not only protect your lips, but also add colour to them.

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Get a kajal or kohl to highlight your eyes. It instantly transforms your eyes into energised and bright ones.

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Body mist/Perfume

With the burning heat, your body tends to sweat a lot, and in order to fight against the sweat and odor, you can use a refreshing body mist. The mist will keep you going by making your feel refreshed with the lasting fragrances.

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Wet wipes

An oily face is sure to leave a bad impression and it is also very irritating. Therefore,n try out the oil absorbing sheets/wet wipes that are easily available in the market. Just a swab from these sheets is sure to leave you feeling fresh all over again. You should definitely have these in your bag.



In this hot climate, you need to get your hands on the ideal sunscreen lotion, cream or spray as per your skin type. Also, if you are heading out in sun without a sunscreen is never a good idea! You will be damaging your skin and are surely going be left with a lot of unwanted tan that can cause some serious sunburns! Sunscreen definitely tops our must-have-in-your-handbag list this summer!

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Keep reading for more beauty tips 🙂










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