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Trends That Are Making A Comeback!

All of us are pretty aware of the upcoming trends of 2017 till now, Aren’t we? But what we don’t know is that most of the trends this year are inspired from our Grand mom and Mom’s generation! YES!! And we were calling their fashion outdated? Some of the most fashionable trends were born in the era of 60’s to 90’s and Fashion this year is big time driven by that era.

untitled-designLet’s take a quick sneak peak into all the 2017 trends which are inspired by 80’s and 90’s fashion:

 60’s Psychedelic Patterns:

Then (4).pngGetting bold and colorful is not something new which is introduced this year. This is fully inspired from our swinging sixties generation.

 70’s Tropical Prints:

Then (1).pngPretty florals was in vogue back then and till now it is ruling our streets. Tropical print has somehow managed to be everyone’s personal favorite since 70’s.

 80’s Ruffles:

Then (5).pngFrills and Ruffles have made it through the runways this season, and we all fell for it. Did’t we? But guess where did this trend come from? Look into your Grand mom’s old picture once!

 80’s One Shoulder:

Then (3).pngSleek and Sexy One Shoulder Dress is also something which is inherited to us. Whatever may be the year its our all time favorite. Isn’t it?

 60’s Bell Sleeves:

Then (2).pngBig exaggerated 60’s Bell sleeves had made a come back  through the runways this year. This is something which has made a sudden return but looks quite acceptable and trendy.

 70’s Big bold stripes:

Then.pngNow when we talk about the hottest trend this year “Super Stripes”, We all genuinely love it, but this is not something that is new! Be it casual outings of 70’s or of now Bold stripes worked wonders even then & now!


You’re never fully dressed without a pair of great shades and the best part is that the newest trends in eyewear is already available for our use. We all know, fashion sunglasses are notable for their originality and unusual shapes. In particular, models with triangular, oval or square frames are in vogue this season.. So we’re setting our sights on sunglasses with enough personality to punch up any outfit.


At the same time, we should choose sunglasses with extreme caution, always taking into account the type of our face. For example, those who have a narrow chin should buy oval or round sunglasses and women with round face can opt for glasses with square or rectangular frames. We promise, whatever your personal style, there’s something for everyone inside. Style fiesta offers you a wide range of in-trend shades to shop from.


AviatorsIn 2017, we also expect a spectacular comeback of famous Aviators. Although they differ in conservative and minimalist design but with their classic-cool sensibility, there may be no frames better suited for our every need than aviators.


oversizedAnother fashion trend is more like classic or neomodern over-sized glasses with dark lenses. This is the fashion trend that will accentuate your bright personality.


FLAT TOP:SQUAREThey’re a throwback with a contemporary twist, and they’re way sleeker than they ever looked in the ’80s or ’90s. Think of them as the hybrid between aviators and oversize frames with a bit more edge.


Aviators copyIts the season for a throwback fashion, we’re very into the return of these retro accessories. They’re the perfect complement for every midi skirt, high-waisted bell bottom, and denim shirtdress in your closet.


WAYFARERSWayfarers will allow you to discover sunglasses in a new perspective. This season offers models with ombre effect from dark to lighter shades. This trend can be most clearly seen in the new collections of Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.



The most glamorous and flirtatious of our favorite sunglasses, these give whatever we’re wearing more style in a seriously sophisticated way.


GOGGLESGoggles are still in vogue this season. Their frames can be both massive and lightweight. This year, they are presented in a simple, sleek design, with a thick frame in most cases.



They don’t just hide tired eyes with their reflective lenses, they also up the ante on everything we wear, adding cool-girl prowess to even our most basic outfits.

last image

So, Stop thinking and get your Pair of shades right now!

Buy them here!!

5 Must have dresses this Summers!

Dresses are simple, easy to wear, timeless and most popular summer fashion. It is one attire which makes one look hot and cool at the same time. From floral prints to polka dots, summer dresses will make your life a lot easier. So, as summer is here at our door steps. Here are 5 must have dresses for this summers which you should add to your wardrobe. Check it out.

Floral Prints


Summer is not summer without the floral print dress. Go for pastel colors with bright floral print for that perfect summery look.

Off Shoulder dresses


Off shoulder dresses are ruling the runways this SS 2017 and is a perfect summer attire.  The best part about this silhouette is that neckline is flattering and sexy but not revealing. So you can wear to a casual meeting for friends or even to parties.

Shirt/T-shirt Dresses


If you are looking for an edgy look then shirt/ T-shirt dress are your go to choice. These are the perfect blend of the casual cool look with a sexy stylish appeal. You can choose a solid knee length shirt dress for a easy going summery look or choose a printed maxi shirt dress for a bohemian look.

Lace Dresses


Give your wardrobe a touch of glamour with the lace dress. The delicate lace will impress all. You can attend garden parties or an outdoor wedding in a lace dress and look breezy.



Frills are back in trends and will give you a feminine look. Dress with frills looks light and airy and is perfect for summers. You can buy frill dress with halter neck to show off those shoulders and sun-kissed look.

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