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3 products to get wider looking eyes

There is absolutely no doubt that our eyes gets the most of attention. When looks are concerned big, beautiful eyes can add so much glam to a face, and who doesn’t want a wider dramatic eyes?

Presenting few quick tips for achieving wider eyes-

1. Apply eyeliner:

Lightly line the upper and lower lids from the inner corner to the outer corner and a little heavier on the outside corners.

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2. Line under your eyes:

Use a dark eyeliner on the edge of the lower line outwards to give a wider look to the eyes.

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3. Coat your lashes:

The bigger, the better. Apply several coats for voluminous look.

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Rushing to work? Here’s a quick makeup regime!

Sometimes (AKA most times) we just don’t have an extra hour in life to stand in front of the mirror, leisurely applying our makeup. In fact, most days we’re pretty short on time, and it’s why makeup tips for when you are in a rush are majorly helpful in most of our lives.  So, if you’re tired of leaving the house with smudges and blotches, here are top four makeup hacks for when you’re in a rush.

Step 1:

Wearing foundation can be time consuming instead, use BB Cream as it moisturizes your face as well as gives medium coverage.4-3

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Step 2:

Enhance your eyes by Applying kajal at the water line to give your eyes a fuller effect and complete the step with eyeliner!


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Step 3:

Apply some blush on your cheeks to give that extra glow to your face!


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Step 4:

No makeup is complete without a perfect lipstick. So lastly add a subtle lipstick with nude, coral or pink shade to get the perfect makeup look for office.


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Brands to watch out for – Eyeliner & Mascara

Eyes are the most important features of your face when it comes to perfect makeup. With eyes you make communication and it is this communicative quality that makes eyes so beautiful and attractive. Also eyes are the first thing we get to notice about a person and no matter what you need to let your eyes do the talking!

Eyeliners: It is the eyeliner that defines your eyes beautiful and offers them some depth and makes them look large. Experts suggest applying eye linear very close to the lash line for a simple and perfect look.

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Mascaras: To make your eyes look extremely beautiful and pretty you need to apply some mascara on your eyelashes. If the right shade of mascara is applied it can highlight the color of your eyes in a very attractive manner. You can use mascara for different purposes such as darkening, thickening, lengthening, or defining your eyelashes in the way you want it to be.

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