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Max the Maxi Dressing!

Summers are for dresses and here’s how you can carry off the Maxi Dress through a day! The gracefulness of this outfit helps it be a daywear, evening wear or even a vacation wear! So here’s how to can maximise the maxi dress.

Maxi dress for the day – Go for the lighter hues and floral prints. Always choose fabrics that a soft on the skin and have a flowy cut.


Maxi dress for an evening out – The maxi dress makes a perfect date night outfit. Choose colours in darker shades. You could spike up your style quotient by adding a hint of golden or silver coloured fabrics as well


Maxi dress for a vacation – Cottons or linens work best for the beach atmosphere. Mix- prints, ombre or solids look best on the beach!


Happy shopping !

Guide to choose right type of panties for different styles.

Adriana Lima said once “Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you don’t choose the right thing to wear underneath!Panty is one of the important parts of the basic lingerie any woman wears. Most girls start their daily regime by changing the pair of underwear. It is the backbone of a wardrobe, along with right fitted bras. Girls should put equal consideration in selecting the panty, as much as they pay attention in choosing the correct bra.

Girls have a love/hate relationship with their panties. The correct panty with a particular dress can you make you feel confident and comfortable. Whereas, the wrong pair can even lead you to a wardrobe malfunction! Girls wear a variety of dresses and hence require different types of underwear for different occasions. You cannot just wear the black boy shorts with a sheer skirt or a thong under your flown floor length dress. So, what does a girl need to do? Let us help you with the basic of underwear and discuss how to wear them correctly with any dress.

Fit & Flare

skater style

If you are planning to wear styles like A-line, Skater, fit & flare or empire cuts, always go with boy shorts or hipsters ! The fair cut of the panty covers more than what the traditional brief or thong covers. This will save you from the wardrobe malfunction induced by summer breeze.

Body Hugging


If you are all set to flaunt your curves with styles like: bodycon, sheath or shift. You should look for a foundation undergarment matching with the length of your bottoms. Thongs or seamless actually are the best underwear for formfitting clothing like dresses or tight skirts, as it leaves no panty lines.



Not too many girls like the granny panties/ full coverage and rather find it geek. It may be not the sexiest of the bunch, but obviously is a safe and comfortable choice to wear with tight fitted denims. It gives maximum coverage to the underneath parts of the body and raises your level of comfort. Hipsters are also good choice to wear under denims.

Jeggings/ Leggings


Seamless panties or hipsters are the best bet for wearing under jeggings or leggings. As These styles will give full coverage leaving no panty lines. If  the color of your jeggings/ leggings is white or any other lighter shade then select panty that is close to your skin tone. You can also try nude thongs to avoid the squeezed look caused by singular thin strap. In case you do not have skin color underwear in your wardrobe, you can wear light grey underwear with white pants. Grey hipsters or hip-huggers can form a comfortable undergarment to white shorts.

indian wear

If you want to wear traditional Indian dresses like, kurtis, suits, sarees or lehngas.  The best panty styles for indian wear is probably the regular briefs or bikini style. It gives a proper shape below the underskirt or the petticoat. The bottom hence looks more firm.

There are multiple styles of women’s underwear for all range of occasions. Going forward whenever you plan to buy new underwear, take the correct measurements and get yourself the right sized underwear for the best comfort. You basically have to know the correct hip and waist measurement of your body to decide the underwear sizing.

5 Must Have Summer Colours

Summers are back and so are the fresh bright colours! When we talk about the slit sleeve trend, the flash dance shoulder show or ruffles trend, anything in the brighter hues seems to be a winner this season.

Here are our favourite colours of this season and we certainly feel its a must have !

Pristine Whites

A wardrobe without a white apparel is incomplete. No matter how many brighter or darker hues you take to, white colour is ESSENTIAL !

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.29.38

Below are the links of the products from this look.

Crusty Green

To have an edge over the other shades and to pick the latest from the trend setting colours, you can opt for turquoise that blends in blue with green.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.11.36

Below are the links of the products from this look.

50 shades of Yellow

Thought you couldn’t wear a cheery colour. Well this season there’s an option for everyone.Yellow is one colour that can brighten anyone’s day! If you walk into a room wearing this colour, you are definitely going to receive endless compliments on how fresh you look.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.48.08

Below are the links of the products from this look.

Pink Gloss

Pink is every girl’s must have colour. If you wish to deviate from this shade, opt for corals that are on the brighter side of pink.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.43.15

Below are the links of the products from this look.

Tangerine Crush

This colour isn’t a hot favourite amongst many as it symbolises boldness, but depending on the saturation or lightness you can definitely make it work wonders for your skin tone!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.43.42

Below are the links of the products from this look.

Hope you liked this blog, if you want us to cover certain topics, do write back to us in the comments section.

Voonik Brand of the Week – FABKAZ


This week we are back with another trendy brand from Voonik – FabKaz. The brand specializes in summer prints with their range of skirts, dresses and tops to chose from.

Their exclusive prints vary from multi-colored butterflies to pastel florals. Their collection of skirts will have you covered for most occasions – from a dressy day-out to a day at the beach. Bold colors and on-trend silhouettes make the collection a must-have for your everyday wear.

Check out their entire collection here.

Or here’s a look at our love list:

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7 Tips To Master The Bodycon Dress


We all love those body-hugging, glam dresses on Kim Kardarshian but when it comes to slipping into one ourselves, most of us shy away from the Bodycon Dress

While these Bodycon Dresses may be everywhere , they’re not for everyone. Of course Angelina Jolie looks amazing in strapless black leather. And style icon Diane Kruger rocks a bandage dress like nobody else. But for a woman with either a surplus or a complete lack of curves, the cut needs to be perfect and the silhouette must be slimming — only then will the result will be sexy, balanced perfection. Hence, today we intend to help all you lovely ladies who are in love with Bodycons but believe they don’t have the body to carry it off. 

In order to carry off a Bodycon outfit, you need to be confident about your body, not conscious of it. There is a general feeling that all a Bodycon outfit does is accentuate one’s flaws. This is true only in instances where the person wearing it has not mastered the art of creating an illusion of perfection. If you know how to rock them, Bodycon outfits are a very convenient and great-looking addition to your wardrobe.

Below are some tips to Master the Art of the Bodycon Dress:

Invest in some good quality shapewear to tuck in any extra flab and shape up your waist and bust. Even if you are of a slender frame, it is still a good idea to wear some shapewear underwear under your bodycon dress. They help smooth out the entire look and you won’t have to keep worrying about bra impressions or panty lines showing. When you don’t have to worry about your underwear making an appearance, you will automatically look and feel more confident.


It is not about skin show. So instead of opting for a very revealing dress, try to keep it classy. Since you’re already showing off your figure with a tight-fitting dress, showing skin on top of that may end up looking tacky. So opt for dresses with long sleeves, or those that are calf-length. The overall look should remain sophisticated.

dont bare

If you feel your heavy hips may not look good in a bodycon dress, take a leaf out of Kate Winslet’s book. Kate’s dress has contrasting colours, with the black on the sides making her waist look smaller. The black acts as an outline for her figure, emphasising the curves and making her look shapelier.


Dark colours are generally more slimming. So if you’re wearing a bodycon outfit for the first time, start with a dark shade like a deep purple or blue.

dark colors

Keep your accessories to a minimum. Your dress is making a bold statement, so your accessories can be kept simple. And the accessories must always go with the dress. Don’t go for anything too wacky, the accessory is just there to subtly enhance the dress, not to overpower it.

minimal accesories

Dust out your high heels! Wear your high heels with your bodycon dress. The heels will give you better posture and make your back look taut as well. The added height will also give you more confidence and show you to your best advantage.

high heels

You can always layer your bodycon dress with a shrug, jacket or even a stole if you’re feeling too conscious. Just make sure that whatever you decide to layer the dress with complements it.


We feel super inspired now, don’t you?

Check out these must-have Bodycon styles, because every woman deserves that perfect dress to show off those gorgeous curves!

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So no more fearing the Bodycon!

It’s time to embrace your curves and look fabulous doing it!

Must-Have Celebrity Styles


Hello Lovelies!

We are back with your weekly dose of Bollywood Fashion! Looking like your favourite celebrity has never been this easy!

These leading B-Town ladies surely know how to master their off-duty looks and take it up a notch on the Style Meter! What’s more they know how to deck up their Basics and look like a million dollars!


Alia Bhatt styles a Basic Denim Dungaree for a Casual Day-Out!
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Anushka Sharma travels in style with her Basic White Chinos.
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Parineeti Chopra does Summer Style with her Ripped Denim Shorts.
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Priyanka Chopra’s 90’s Denim Jacket is quite the ShowStopper!
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Sonam Kapoor goes “All-Black” with her Basic Black Skater Skirt!
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Watch this space for some more inspiring Celebrity Style!

5 most flattering black dresses for plus size women.

Trends may come and go, but these dresses will always be a mainstay in every girl’s closets. No women have a complete wardrobe without a dress. And their are certain dresses which are must haves for every women.

Colors and Silhouettes play an important role when you decide to buy a dress, especially when it come to dress up your curves. Black is a color which every women love’s. Checkout different interesting silhouettes in black dresses on voonik.Untitled-1

Panelled Bodycon Illusion Dress

This is style is one of the most flattering style, princess cut seam will enhance your curves, while black panels on the side will camouflage your pitfalls.

1-product (1)

Like it ? Shop it right here.

Lace Trace Maxi Dress

Maxi’s are trending ! This black maxi dress with lace on its shoulder will create a sense of curiosity and bring the attention towards your face, creating an illusion,will make you look tall.

d3-product (1)

Like it ? Shop it right here.

Polka Dot Split Maxi Dress

This maxi dress with polka dots is so gorgeous. Two vertical slits in front will  provide you the elongated look: which means you will look taller and leaner.

d3-product (2)

Like it ? Shop it Right here.

Lace love Bodycon dress.

The lace trend is still going on strong! This black lace dress with full sleeves will provide you a flattering silhouette, wear a body briefer inside it to camouflage your pitfalls.

1-product (2)

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Button Down Maxi Dress

Button down maxi dress is all time favorite. The front cut makes your leaner and taller.

d3-product (4)

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Voonik Brand Launch – Tokyo Talkies


Calling out all the young Fashionistas – we are launching Tokyo Talkies and their collection surely deserves to be on your summer Must-Have list!

From trendy Denim Dresses to Tartan Maxi-Tops, they have it all! Their Collection majorly comprises of Stripes and Checks in various silhouettes, a hint of Florals and a truckload of Denims! Perfect for college wear, movie dates or lazy brunches – their range of Styles vary from Fit-n-Flare Dresses, Front-Slit Maxi Tops and Printed Long Shirts!

Their collection is all about flirty meets androgyny! The styles are fun and young, so pair them up with casual loafers or t-strap sandals and you’re good to go!

Shop the Tokyo Talkies Collection here.

Let’s take a closer look into the styles they have to offer:

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Don’t you just love these Styles? We certainly do!

So hurry up and let’s get Shopping 🙂

Plus size Fashion: Bling is In !

You all must be aware of how big the bling trend is right now. It of course can be named “Sequenced trend” with so much of parties and holidays lined up. No don’t relate it with cheap disco ball glitter but this trend is all about drama with a hint of sophistication. Mostly people are not a fan of shimmer all around them, but lately everyone has fallen for this trend. It certainly adds a X factor to any outfit. Now u need to understand what exactly is the bling trend? It’s the trend where you take out all your glittery clothes and accessories which you have been hiding in your closet all this time.


How to rock this trend ?

The main rule is, don’t wear all of it at once in your excitement. Let there be something for your next night out. So if you are wearing a sequenced dress, keep the rest of your outfit simple. And if you are wearing a neutral outfit, then glam it up with blingy accessories.

Bling top - Adrianna Papell Sequin Chiffon Top - Plus Size Mink

For daytime you can wear a casual T-shirt with an embellished jacket. Or maybe you can try a  cardigan with sequenced border. For office you can try a light beige cardigan with sequenced buttons will look good. Or maybe you can keep the rest of the outfit simple with neutrals and add a sequenced belt. It all depends on how much bling you want to add in your outfit.


You can always look for accessories if you are not sure that you can carry a whole sequenced dress or outfit. So if you don’t like an embellished jacket, how about sequenced bags? They are really easy to carry and still make you look up-to-date. You can go fir sequenced clutches, hand bags and satchels.


Taking the accessories even further, now comes the sequenced shoes. Well nothing can be more tempting for a girl then a blingy gold sequined pumps with black ribbon bow at the top! Glitter-Gold-Rhinestone-Wedding-font-b-Shoes-b-font-5-Inches-High-Heel-Party-Pumps-Bling.jpg

You can see  blingy doesn’t always mean “disco ball”. If done rightly, it can make you look sophisticated and fashionable at the same time. So what’s your take on this trend?


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