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Jeans Guide: How to choose a perfect fit for your body type?

Jeans are a fashion staple in every woman’s closet, but the style of the jeans you wear can make or break your look. If you choose your jeans based on your body shape, you’ll be able to confidently put your best foot forward whenever you step out of the house.

All of us have different shapes, sizes and styles, so finding the right pair of jeans can be a task. Luckily there are tips and tricks for each of you for finding the perfect pair of jeans! All you need to do is follow a few of these steps and remember them when heading to the changing room of your latest denim department.


Hourglass Bodyshape

You ladies are a lot luckier with this body shape as you can get away with most things and look great. With a hip to bust ratio of 50/50 and a slim waist, it’s all about the styling and keeping your proportions balanced. Here are some great jeans to look for:

Skinny Jeans – These are the most flattering on hourglass shapes. Your chest and hips are in proportion with each other already so showing your legs off in skinnies only highlights that point. Bootcut jeans can actually overwhelm you and hide your frame.

Higher rises – High rises are recommended because the waistband will sit at the smallest part of your waist, this will also give the illusion of an even slimmer middle.

Medium size back pockets – Don’t go too big or too small with your back pocket sizing, it’s important to enhance your butt so choose wisely!

Skinny flare – If you want to do flared jeans, I would say choose a pair that are tight and skinny all the way to the knee and then give off a slight flare. This is much more flattering.

Flares – If you are a much more curvy hourglass that above and carry a lot of weight on the hips, a flared jean will really help balance that out.


Rectangle Bodyshape

Most often like the super model shape with extra height, long legs and a straighter hip area, you can find it hard to get jeans to fit in length and be flattering and feminine. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of choices for you. Look out for these:

Inseams – If you want to go for a smart look, long inseams are the way to go as they will make you sleek and clean. If you prefer something more fashionable and love the look of jeans with ankle boots, go for a cropped skinny and cuff them with your ankle boots. This will give more depth to your shape and lessen your height a little bit while looking chic.

Skinny Jeans – Skinnies are always your best friend as they show off your figure beautifully. Just be sure to pick the most flattering pair for your butt and thighs.

Skinny Flares – You can also get away with skinny flares as you have the height to pull it off. Don’t do baggy flares as they will overwhelm you, so make sure the flare starts below the knee and the fit above is tight.

Rises – If you want to show off your height, go for a high rise, but if you want to make your legs more proportional, a low rise will work wonders.

Boyfriend Jeans – Luckily, you can get away with boyfriend jeans and make them look amazing! Go for a slimmer fitting boyfriend and it will look great.


Triangle bodyshape

With more curves around the hip and butt and a smaller upper half, it can be harder to find jeans that balance out your proportions and are flattering rather than awkward. You look out for jeans with these fits:

Bootcut or wider flares – These will help balance out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves.

Long inseams – Having a longer length means you can wear heels under your flares and bootcut jeans. This will of course elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.

Higher rises – You should buy jeans with a higher rise as they are very balancing to your shape.

Larger pockets – It’s important to enhance your booty since you are blessed with it, so look for larger back pockets as small ones can make it look bigger.

Stretch denim – Always look for stretch denim as it will hug your body better, creating a more sleek silhouette. Plus, it’s not as restricting as rigid denim.

Boots – If you do want to go for a skinny jean,  you should tuck them into boots as it will help balance out the hips more and create a better shape.

Inverted Triangle Bodyshape


Round Body Shape

For those of you who carry your issues around your tummy area and always struggle to find jeans that are flattering or give you that shape you are looking for, there’s definitely options for you too! Embrace your body shape and work with it rather than against it. These are some tips to look for:

Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans can look really good when they are paired with a floaty, gypsy style top as this will hide your problem area but the skinnies will still be fitted, creating a balanced look.

Rises – If you are more curvy and you want to hide your stomach, you should opt for a high rise jean as this will hold everything in. If you are a more slimmer apple shape then lower rise jeans can give you a more curvy appearance.

Trouser Jeans – If you want to balance things out, you should go for a trouser style jean as the wider leg from hip to foot will help with proportions.

Style Tricks!

Wardrobe feeling a little stale? We get it, there are only so many ways to mix and remix the items in your closet over the years. But never fear. With new year’s new vibes we’ve come up with seven unexpected styling magic tricks every woman should try. After all, there’s no time better than a new season to get adventurous.


Style an evening top with a pair of casual jeans for unexpected daytime glamour.



Style your midi dress with a pair of leggings underneath. Bonus points if you pull the leggings past your heel and wear boots!



If you’re feeling uneasy about the slip dress trend, ease into it with a track jacket layered on top. It covers up the sexy slip in a modern, sporty way.



Most people with double pierced earrings tend to limit statement earrings to just one set of holes, but why not try wearing two statement earrings at once? Keep it from looking too crazy with pairs that are of a similar color story.

For more recommendations or advice on what to buy, just ask the Stylists on Voonik who’re always at your service!

Which “Denim Skirt” Are You?

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Let’s face it – Denim Skirts are all the rage this Season! Being one of the top trends from the Spring/Summer ’16 runway, we can see it making it’s own way into our Fall Wardrobe.

With the revivals of the 70s, 80s and 90s – the Denim Skirt has been inspired diversely with each era has adding a new Silhouette to the world of Denim Skirts!

Super easy to style and even more comfortable to live in, the Denim Skirt has definitely evolved from the basic styles of the eras bygone. Laced-Up Maxi styles, Button-Down Mini Styles and the evergreen Ripped Micro Styles – this Fall expect an overdose of these Denim beauties!

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Your Denim Guide


Denim is Everywhere! From ripped jeans to denim dresses – we ladies certainly love our very own dose of Denim. Jeans for Women has rapidly become an essential part of every retail outlet. From Boyfriend Denim to Bootcut Jeans, here is all you need to know to ace the Denim trend 🙂


Olivia Palermo is all about urban comfort in her relaxed straight-fit jeans and everyday black ballets.



Bootcut always has a way of making a come-back every decade and a half. Sofia Vergara nails the trend.



Give it up for Kylie Jenner who pulls off the revamped grunge look with her super cool boyfriend denims, ankle-high converse and the season’s hottest stripes!



SuperModel Alessandra Ambrosio goes “Denim on Denim” with her classic skinny jeans and all-tan accessories!



A favourite with Kendall Jenner and bestie Gigi Hadid, super skinny jeans is ideal for similar hot-bod divas!

super skinny

Now that you are up-to-date with All-Thing-Denim, it’s time to explore your options and invest in a perfect pair!

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Denim on Denim: Do’s & Dont’s

The double denim combination (also known as the Canadian Tuxedo) which was once a faux pass, is now a major trend! Spotted on the chicest of celebrities in Bollywood and beyond.

The secret to rocking this trend is BALANCE.

DO make sure that you use different shades of denim. The trick to pulling this off is pairing a shirt of a lighter wash, preferably a pale denim shirt, with darker denim jeans.

DON’T pair items of the same weight, as it can end up making you look bulky. Make sure that the shirt is not just a lighter shade, but lighter in weight as well.

If you want to have a go at this trend then look no further! Here’s your Double Denim starter pack.

This medium wash denim shirt by The Vanca is the best and easiest fit

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You can’t go wrong when paired with these dark wash denims by Elle.

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Adding a simple cardigan or blazer will take your look from drab to fab!

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