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5 Must Have Summer Colours

Summers are back and so are the fresh bright colours! When we talk about the slit sleeve trend, the flash dance shoulder show or ruffles trend, anything in the brighter hues seems to be a winner this season.

Here are our favourite colours of this season and we certainly feel its a must have !

Pristine Whites

A wardrobe without a white apparel is incomplete. No matter how many brighter or darker hues you take to, white colour is ESSENTIAL !

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.29.38

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Crusty Green

To have an edge over the other shades and to pick the latest from the trend setting colours, you can opt for turquoise that blends in blue with green.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.11.36

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50 shades of Yellow

Thought you couldn’t wear a cheery colour. Well this season there’s an option for everyone.Yellow is one colour that can brighten anyone’s day! If you walk into a room wearing this colour, you are definitely going to receive endless compliments on how fresh you look.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.48.08

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Pink Gloss

Pink is every girl’s must have colour. If you wish to deviate from this shade, opt for corals that are on the brighter side of pink.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.43.15

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Tangerine Crush

This colour isn’t a hot favourite amongst many as it symbolises boldness, but depending on the saturation or lightness you can definitely make it work wonders for your skin tone!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.43.42

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How to choose earrings according to your face shape for plus size women?

As Coco Chanel said once, “Fashion is architecture: It is a matter of proportions.” That rule holds true even when it comes to accessories. The right details can make or break an outfit. Jewelry is an important component of a complete look. And, a perfect earrings can add a finishing touch to any outfit.

Choosing right ear ring is a difficult decision specially when it is for a plus size women, to make it simple check out the guide below:


Earrings for Oval face:

Women with oval-shaped faces look good in almost every style of earrings. However, they can create a particularly striking look by wearing oval-shaped dangling earrings. These earrings will draw attention to the face’s elegant shape without adding any width or length. Women with oval faces also look stunning when wearing teardrop earrings. Much like oval dangling earrings, these pieces accentuate the face’s natural shape and create a sense of symmetry / balance.


Earrings for Round Face:

Women with round faces should aim to elongate their faces by choosing teardrop and dangle earrings. Look for those pieces that have long, angular designs as opposed to rounded designs. Most women with round faces should avoid dangling circular discs as these can make the face look wider. It is almost always best for women with round faces to choose earrings of a thin to medium width.


Earrings for Square Face:

Women with square faces should choose earrings with rounded designs that soften the cheekbones and jaw line. The best choices are elongated, dangling pieces and hoop earrings. Oversized hoops extend below the jaw line  due to which it soften the face and make it appear smaller. Women with square faces should avoid wearing very wide earrings.


Earrings for Diamond Face:

Women with diamond-shaped faces should look for earrings with long, elegant curves. Both dangle and hoop styles accentuate this type of face. Choose earrings with soft curves to minimize any sharpness around the cheekbones or jaw line. Those individuals with diamond-shaped faces should avoid wearing dangle earrings that also feature a diamond shape. These pieces will make the lines of the face appear exaggerated and are not generally flattering.



The Theory of Ear-Rings


Jewelry is an integral part of every girl’s wardrobe and Ear-Rings  are definitely our favorite from the lot! Leave behind those necklaces and bracelets, this season the Ear-Rings are here to steal the show!

Here are our top picks for Ear-Ring styles you should sport this Summer:

For our obsession of EAR-CUFFS


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Webbed up PEARL HOOPS for the Sassy Girl


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Go the ethnic way with these JHUMKA DANGLERS


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These BEADED HOOPS are perfect for a touch of indo-western


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GEOMETRIC STUDS in the season’s hottest color


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Make a bold statement with these MULTICOLOR DANGLERS


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Vibrant golden JHUMKIS for the desi girl


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We love this chic STATEMENT EARINGS with a hint of red


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Revamped CHAIN EAR-CUFFS for the experimental woman


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So hurry up Ladies, grab these top trending ear-rings!

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Casual street style


Go trendy with unusually large balloon sleeves, trainers and lipstick. That’s all it takes !

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