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How To Transform Your 9-5 Look Into Party Look.

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New Years Eve is right around the corner, but before the champagne bottles pop there is another countdown ahead,

It’s time to pick that perfect dress! 

But the biggest problem is that we have to join the party directly after work. If you’re like most of us, heading home to change into something more festive is out of the question. And while you don’t want to go to your function underdressed, showing up to your office decked out in sequins head to toe is even worse (and super uncomfortable). So here, we have a list of few things to keep in your bag under the desk, that will instantly take you from day to night attire.

1. Trade your neutral day shoe for a brightly colored or sequined or leopard print one.

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2. Ditch your blazer for a sequined cardigan and get soaked in the party mood.

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3. Jewellery is always a no fail look shifter. Add on your favourite danglers or a cocktail ring.

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4. Leave you office bag in the drawer and shift to your metallic clutch or the silky studded clutch, whichever is your party favourite.

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5. Get your Red lips on or any brighter color which suits your skin tone.

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6. Redo your bun and you are all set to go.

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So set aside those resolutions and resolve yourself to just be Fabulous!!

How to Perfect the Art of Festive Clothing


It’s time for our yearly Reunion with our favourite pals – Navrattri, Dusherra, Durga Puja and Diwali. And what can be more important than perfecting your festive look for those few days of sheer joy and celebrations! 

As the days come closer, we spend hours deciding how to match the jhumkas with the kurtas because let’s face it – not all of us are born the Ethnic Goddess as popularised by our much loved Bollywood. 

So we are here to make your life easier, scroll down below and find all the detail as to how you can master the Ethnic Equation for every function the festivals throw at you! 


The trick is to keep it simple and underrated. Your favourite White Kurta with those gorgeous Paisley Palazzos? Sounds like a winner. 


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So this one is a biggie! Neither Over-Dressed nor Under, you have to do it just right. Stick to bright day colors and tone down that eye-shadow. 

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How cute are those Jhootis! Shop them here


Some of us actively avoid these meetings, but the others love it! Put on your best, as the list of uncles and aunties to impress is never-ending! Go Glam Baby! 

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That red clutch is gorgeous isn’t it? Shop more Ethnic Bags here 


This is most definitely our favourite! C’mon when else do you get such a chance to play dress up. But remember comfortable shoes are a MUST, because for some of us the dancing doesn’t stop until the morning! 

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How can we miss out jewellery when it comes to Ethnic wear! Shop the latest here 


For this one, we need to get innovating! Embrace the best of the new Ethnic Evolution and try on the Ethnic dress! Finish it up with a kitschy bag and flat chappals and you’re all set to go! 

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So all you Festival Fanatics out there, go ahead and have the best of time! 

And leave behind those Wardrobe Woes 🙂

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