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Work wear – Episode #1


Corporates are a breeding ground for fashion. If your opinion differs, take a look and shop your pick! In this episode, we will cover #western formals.

Look 1

Layer this top with a #blazer and a pair of slim fit trousers. Complete the look with a pair of #heels and a tote bag.

Look 1

Look 2

Make a statement with this co-ord set. Add on a pair of earrings and closed #pumps to complete your look.

Look 2

Look 3

Throw in a French knot #scarf with this dress and slip on a comfy pair of heels. Add a #satchel and you are off to a brilliant start to your day at work.

Look 3

Life is too short to wear boring clothes to work! So which look to do prefer ?

Eyes says it all !

Every face is a beautiful face, with freckles or spots, a little double chin or more, we shall repeat EVERY FACE IS A BEAUTIFUL FACE loud and clear. Having said that, don’t feel shy, embarrassed and depressed at your chubby-self or for being the gorgeous real-woman with curves and a little more cheeks to flaunt. There are ways to apply plus size makeup to make the face look haute and hot, with make up of course. Here are a few hacks to learn how to doll up and look like a star, even when someone fat-shamed you for who you are- let’s show them girls!


Highlight your eyes

Mascara and very dark eyeshadow for the eyes are a must to distract the visuals from the double chin you have. With your hair, do not think of making braids or forced curls, or else the face would be full-blown to the view and that’s what you really don’t want happening. Instead, straight hair makes the face look edgy, and with plenty of mascara and highlights for the eyes, the smokey look makes you look stunning!


Black eyeliner

Black eyeliners for the eyes are a chubby faces’ best friend or should we say BFF. With a touch of mascara, metallic tones to the eyelids and the crease especially, you would be drawing more attention to the eye region than the double chin or the neck and the fluffed cheeks. When doing your eyes, draw the lines towards the outer corner of the lids- winged eyes would be apt to wear. This brings more length to the eye region and a slimmer look overall to the face!


Eyebrows should be dark

The eyebrows should be dark or darkened, which ensures more attention brought to that part of the eyes. With an eyebrow pencil in deep dark hues or a dark palette of metal eyeshadow, create a dramatic look. Before you get the eyebrows darkened, use tweezers to shape them well- an arch preferably or get a professional t thread away the extra hairs.

Remember, while clothing tips can help you visually slim your body, makeup can do the same for your face. You’ll not only visually take off pounds with this makeup guide but you’ll also take off years. You can get a slimmer face by using these makeup ideas everyday, all by yourself!




Tips to buy watches for plus size women.

Watches comes in different styles and sizes, and can be worn as a functional accessory or a stylish piece of jewelry. When it comes to watches for women  lots of styles are available in the market. Ladies watches are very important part of one’s wardrobe, hence it is necessary to know some basic guidelines for choosing right watch for plus size women.


1.Don’t buy a watch with a too big dial

Dials of the watches are measured in milimeters. Choose a watch within the average dial size of 34mm to 50mm. Don’t opt for a bigger dial, as it make look too bulky and huge on your wrist.


Like it ? Check it out here.

2. Buy a watch which compliments your wrist size.

Size of the watch as a whole including the dial and band is very important. You should always opt for a watch which compliments your wrist size. Should never opt for huge or big watches if your wrist is thin or delicate, and vice versa.


Like it ? Check it out here.

3. Buy a watch which fits you properly.

A watch should appear comfortable, natural, and certainly not sloppy. It may be necessary to adjust it as needed, to accommodate natural fluctuations in wrist size. Depending upon the style of the watch, you need to check the fitting of the watch band. For Eg. bracelet or bangle style watches can be worn snugly, or loose around the wrist.


4. Match your watch with your other accessories

You should always match your watch with your other accessories, as watches can be as stylish as the other accessories, rather than just being a functional accessory. It should compliment your your full attire or your look. For eg If you are wearing sneakers, then a sports watch would be appropriate whereas if you are going for a wedding, a gold or silver metal strap will compliment your look.


Like it ? Check it out here. 

Do keep these points in minds while shopping for watches. You can also check out the  interesting, latest styles of watches here.


Should you really invest in skirts?

A skirt is a woman’s prerogative, making her look her feminine best.

Want to appear slimmer & instantly chic, no matter what the occasion? A pencil skirt is one of the most important wardrobe essentials that one must invest in. This feminine piece of garment is so versatile that it can take you anywhere, from a professional office to a party in the evening or even for a casual outing. All you need to do, is play around with type of tops, accessories & footwear.

At work: Combine the pencil skirt with a formal shirt or blouse, minimalist pearl jewellery and a pair of closed heels for a “woman of substance” look. Stick to a darker, neutral color palette for your skirts and heels, whilst using lighter color or pastel tops. And do add a formal jacket to up your credibility!


For dressy evenings: What could make you look hotter than a pencil skirt. Style your ensemble with a sexy top, high stilettos & chandelier earrings and you are ready for some envious eyes. Work your way with a richer, deeper color palette.


Dressy day: Show your vibrant, happy side by wearing a brighter solid or printed skirt. Team it up with a contrast color top. Throw in some pretty jewellery and a pair of heels.


For a casual day outing: How about looking stylish even during these outings? Here you go… Just pullover a basic, simple top or a tee with flat sandals or shoes with your skirt. Try to stick to colors that are not too dark.


This timeless wardrobe must-have apparel piece has been boosting the confidence of women everywhere for decades and it’s now hotter than ever. No matter what your body shape is, a pencil skirt can flatter your figure for sure. Triangle and round body shape can opt for firmer fabrics, darker colors and/or busier prints. Leaving your tops untucked also works for round body shapes by concealing the bigger tummy.

Hope these reasons are enough to make you start shopping pencil skirts rightaway 🙂




Milan’s Flamboyance


Spotted on the Streets of Milan, a Scarlett you just cannot ignore! The Reincarnated Plaids, the Asymmetric Hemline and a smack on the Lips that you just can’t miss! Staying trueMil to the stories about Milan’s Street Style, here is an undeniable example of the Flamboyance they talk about.

Sporty & Bling – Are you sure?

10th mar

If you never imagined that these polar opposites could look so chic together here’s how. Team up your casual Tee with a bling wrap-skirt and a good pair of running shoes! That’s how you can fire up your style quotient.

Keeping it simple


Keep it sleek and chic by pairing a simple sweatshirt and shorts with eye-catching gold accessories!

Don’t you wannna look like a Fashion Gal?


Shop here

Ooooh! We just love this skirt. It’s super hot! You can style it with a racer back or a halter white top. And you are sure be the ENVY of everyone’s eyes 😉

What will you pair it with?

Becoming Stylish!


Want to look Stylish at all times? Here are a few tips that most Chic women have cultivated, to look polished at all times:

Dress for the occasion: Make an effort to find out what’s the dress code for any occasion, whether it’s ethnic or western, modern or conservative. This will help you in dressing appropriately and looking dignified.

Wear clothing as per your bodyshape to camouflage body variations.

Plan your Outfit the Night Before: Besides making you look your best, it also saves you from the stress next morning.

Keep some additional time in the morning for getting ready: Fix your alarm 15-30 minutes prior. This will give you sufficient time to apply your make-up, fix your hair, wear matched accessories and shoes. Also, for any other unforseen situations.

Plan the Right Undergarments based on your outfit: the foundation to looking great is well supported bras, panties and shapewear. For example, wearing nude bra rather than a white one under a white shirt will always look more appropriate.

Follow Other Stylish Women, fashion magazines & websites for Inspiration: This awareness only helps in understanding fashion and style more closely.

Cheers to many more Stylish Looks!

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