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5 blouses to wear to work

This week we’ve got you covered! Here’s a quick guide on what to wear to work. We hope this saves you a lot of time staring at your wardrobe, wondering what to wear 🙂

Power dressing on a Monday to give you that kick to get you through the week. Wear a nice peach puff sleeved blouse. Team it with a pencil skirt and put on a bright lip shade. It doesn’t hurt to be given some nice compliments that can have you smiling through the day.


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Tuesdays are for breaking away from the navies, whites and blues. Here’s to geometric prints and pussybows. Pair it with flare pants and a comfortable pair of heels.


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Wednesdays – Ah the mid week bliss ! It’s ok to pull out that blue blouse, because it’s not Monday blues anymore 😉


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Thursdays – Well this day just slips by. Keep your white for this day. It’s absolutely essential to have a white blouse in your wardrobe, let’s say this is for those days when you Just CAN’T.


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It’s Fri-Yay! The perfect day to add a splash of color from the brighter spectrum of colors. We’ve also wisely chosen this blouse that’s perfect for a work to party look.


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7 Blouse Styles You need to know this Wedding season.

Saree and lehenga are the classic traditional Indian wear that never fails to make a woman look stunningly gorgeous. While it always adds a flavour of our traditions in a woman’s appearance. The ever-evolving fashion has also ensured that they look glamorous in this beautiful attire. And, when we talk about the fashion related to the sarees, it obviously includes the blouses for sarees as well.

While there are a lot of blouse designs to choose from for your different sarees, it is important to select the one that best suits your body shape. It should not only complement your saree, but also your personality. This season designers are experimenting with many new silhouettes to create an unusual combination of indian ethnicity and modern attitude. Fashion is a reflection on the society has been proved by the designers this season by creating such striking combinations. Here are 10 styles of blouses you need to add to your wardrobes this wedding season.

Cold Shoulder Blouses


This western silhouette is combined with the indian classic silhouettes like: lehengas and sarees to create an unusual combination of style. This silhouette enhances your upper shoulders creating a sense of power and boldness.

Best Suitable for: Triangle Bodyshape, Round Bodyshape and Rectangle Bodyshape.

Cape Blouses


Capes are the symbol of power. This silhouette is again inspired from the concept of showing the power and importance of the women in the indian society. It brings the attention towards the upper body creating a beautiful illusion of balance.

Best Suitable for: Triangle Bodyshape

Off Shoulder Blouses


This silhouette is similar to the cold shoulder silhouette. Design concept and design element of the cut is almost as same as the cold shoulder. Only the difference is this silhouette represents more strong and fearless aspect of one’s personality.

Best Suitable for: Triangle Bodyshape, Round Bodyshape and Rectangle Bodyshape.

Front Slit Maxi Blouses


This one style is extremely unconventional yet classy. This silhouette proves the statement Modesty and style goes hand in hand. It add the length to your bodyshape creating an illusion of taller bodyframe.

Best Suitable for: Inverted Triangle,Round Bodyshape,Hourglass Bodyshape, Rectangle Bodyshape.

Shirt Blouses


This silhouette is a deal breaker. Keeping the feminine appeal intact it gives the powerful look. It gives an statement of style to your personality.

Best Suitable for: Inverted Triangle, Hour glass, Triangle Bodyshape.

Peplum Blouses


Due to the increased influence of indo western look peplum blouses are all over the ramps this season. This silhouettes has an feminine appeal and effortlessly adds a glam quotient to your personality.It also disguise your waistline especially if one is conscious about it.

Best Suitable For: Inverted Triangle bodyshape, Rectangle bodyhshape.

Jacket Style Blouse


Again, this is yet another versatile look but lesser radical than the peplum blouse trend. This style adds a certain elegance and class to a saree.

Best Suitable For: Round Bodyshape, Rectangle bodyhshape, Hourglass Bodyshape.



Summer Tops to shop

Summer Tops

The casual summers has always been about the Summer Tops. Showcasing here are the trendiest cuts and the wardrobe staples.

Crop Tops -The crop top is back, but you don’t have to bare it all just to rock the trend! Crop tops don’t need to be skintight! One with a baggier fit might decrease any crop top induced nervousness.


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Off-shoulder Tops – The off-the-shoulder top is no longer a trend, it’s a wardrobe essential. The top is flirty, flattering, and hides your pit stains–what more could you want from a single article of clothing? Show some skin with waterfall sleeves, bohemian embroidery, and more with spring’s latest offerings.


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And ofcourse summers also do have room for our wardrobe classics – Blouses and T-shirts.


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