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How to wear white denims effortlessly


If you ever catch yourself wondering, “what to wear with white jeans,” now is the time to read this post and use it for inspiration!

A fitted, navy blue blazer looks crisp and professional with white jeans.

White jeans really allow yellow to pop. Go for a bright blazer or shirt.


Playful pairing of ripped skinny jeans with a sophisticated lace blouse makes for one seriously stylish look.


White jeans are perfect for anchoring a mix of prints and colors


Any printed button-down goes great with white denim – same goes for wedge sandals.

Which of these looks is your favorite? Do you own white jeans?


The Theory of Jakcets


Hey You! 

With the full-blown winter forcing us to cover up those pretty summery dresses, we think it’s high time we figure out all about Jackets.

For starters, not many of us are well versed with the variations and types of jackets and coats which is why a lot many of us shy away from experimenting with jacket silhouettes and cuts. 

But no more of that! This season should definitely bring out the experimental fashionista in you and so let’s start with the basics. 

trench  copyTHE TRENCH COAT – A loose, belted, double-breasted waterproof coat inspired by those worn originally by soldiers. 

anorakTHE ANORAK – A waterproof jacket, typically with a hood, inspired by those worn in polar regions.

dusterTHE DUSTER COAT – A light, loose-fitting long coat inspired by those originally worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust.

PeacoatTHE PEACOAT – A short double-breasted overcoat made from wool and inspired by those originally worn by sailors.

blazerTHE BLAZER – A jacket that is worn over a shirt and looks like a suit jacket but is not part of a suit.

bomberTHE BOMBER JACKET – A short jacket that finishes at the waist with an elasticated band and often has a thick lining, typically made of sheepskin.

bikerTHE BIKER JACKET – Also known as a motorcycle jacket, a leather jacket inspired by those worn by motorcycle riders that falls to the waist and usually has zips and studs.  

tuxedoTHE TUXEDO JACKET – Also known as a dinner jacket, a dress jacket has grosgrain lapels and is worn to formal occasions. 

capeTHE CAPE JACKET – A sleeveless, short cloak that is open and loose in the front and fastens around the neck. 

So now that you know all-about-jackets, it’s time to Splurge on some!

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Gear-Up for Winter ’15


The long wait is finally over and at last Winter is here (Read: December Shenanigans) 🙂

With all the fun, the weddings and the parties, the primary concern still remains for many of us – how to perfect the art of winter clothing without having drab cardigans and jackets ruin those impeccable style moments of ours.

But Ladies, Winter wear can be super fun too! All we need is the right combination, and hence we are here to get you through all your Wardrobe Dramas!

Lesson 101 – How to style your CARDIGAN with a pretty pop-colored dress.



Lesson 102 – How to style your LEATHER JACKET without going full-on Biker Chic.



Lesson 103 – How to work the OVER-COAT trend without people asking if you think Bombay is London. Ignore those Crazies, we say Over-Coats are Sexy!


Lesson 104 – How to style your casual HOODIE for that perfect combination of Sporty and Chic.



Lesson 105 – How to style your casual printed BLAZER for those official meetings, looking like a million dollars all the way!


Lesson 106 – How to master the CROPPED PULLOVER trend and be your very own fashion influencer.



Now isn’t this Fun? Granted not many of us even want to get out of our cosy blankets to get dressed every morning, if at all we have to get dolled up we might as well do it like a Diva!

Our Winter-Wear collection is now out, and we guarantee you’ll find everything you need for winter right there!

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Capsule Wardrobe

It’s a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion such as trousers, skirts and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces.

Rules of this wardrobe

  • The Colour

Always own whites and black or charcoals. You could purchase items such as trousers, shirts, handbags or coats.

  • Your shape

Purchase items of clothing that flatter your body shape, it increases the chances of you wearing that outfit.

  • Your complexion

Continue reading “Capsule Wardrobe”

Why you need a Blazer!

Blazers are an amazing way to add versatility to your wardrobe. They can completely change the way a look comes together. They are great for layering and and provide a simple way to have seamless day to night outfits.

When you are going to buy yourself a blazer, here are the things to keep in mind:

1. Fabric

Are you planning to wear it in the summer? Is it generally warm where you live or is it cold? The fabric of the blazer will play a big role in deciding which one is right for your daily use.

2. Fit

The fit of the blazer is the most important. A blazer that is too loose will not flatter your figure and one that is too tight will restrict your movement.

3. Length

A blazer that is too long will make you look shorter. Try your blazer on with the pants you wear so you know what kind of length suits you best!

4. Color

A neutral color like beige, white, grey, navy blue and black are best to start with. Think about the colors of your tops and your pants. If your trousers are all dark colored, you might want to go for a lighter blazer!

Click here to look for your perfect blazer!

Blazers to upgrade your Style

It’s time to upgarde to Blazers! They are classic, versatile and uber chic…

Whether you’re dressing for a meeting or for stylish evening out, these wardrobe staples are sure to stand you apart. Start off with investing in a well-cut, structured blazer that fits you well, preferably in a neutral color, as it can be stylized for any occasion. A single breasted blazer in a medium weight, woven fabric is the best choice.

Corporate look – Team the blazer with a pencil skirt, tapered pants or over a shift dress with some classy drop earrings, a pair of pumps and you are sure to look professional!

Casual dressy look – Put together an urban stylish look for an outing by wearing your blazer with slim jeans, sandals or stilettoes and ofcourse a lovely long necklace.

Dressy evening look – Wear your blazer with a pair of dressy shorts and nobody can stop you from looking like a style icon.


As you get comfortable wearing blazers, you can also get them in brighter colors and floral prints…

Cheers to your “stand apart” styling 🙂

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