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5 most flattering black dresses for plus size women.

Trends may come and go, but these dresses will always be a mainstay in every girl’s closets. No women have a complete wardrobe without a dress. And their are certain dresses which are must haves for every women.

Colors and Silhouettes play an important role when you decide to buy a dress, especially when it come to dress up your curves. Black is a color which every women love’s. Checkout different interesting silhouettes in black dresses on voonik.Untitled-1

Panelled Bodycon Illusion Dress

This is style is one of the most flattering style, princess cut seam will enhance your curves, while black panels on the side will camouflage your pitfalls.

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Lace Trace Maxi Dress

Maxi’s are trending ! This black maxi dress with lace on its shoulder will create a sense of curiosity and bring the attention towards your face, creating an illusion,will make you look tall.

d3-product (1)

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Polka Dot Split Maxi Dress

This maxi dress with polka dots is so gorgeous. Two vertical slits in front will  provide you the elongated look: which means you will look taller and leaner.

d3-product (2)

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Lace love Bodycon dress.

The lace trend is still going on strong! This black lace dress with full sleeves will provide you a flattering silhouette, wear a body briefer inside it to camouflage your pitfalls.

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Button Down Maxi Dress

Button down maxi dress is all time favorite. The front cut makes your leaner and taller.

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The Black Battalion


Black! Black! Black! 

It never goes out of style and you can never go wrong with it! Though Black isn’t technically a color, it always takes a look from drab to glam in minutes. It gives you a slimming effect and makes you look like a million bucks!

Here at Voonik, we are trying to figure out how to go all-black for every occasion. There is something black which fits perfectly into every sort of dressing. Let us show you how to put this so-called colour to the best use!


Put on a simple black tshirt or a casual black crop top over multi-print pencil skirt, or do a black on black look with your favourite black blouson and a pair of black skinny jeans! 

casualwear tops

Is a black dress more your style? The LBD has many forms, but the casual kind is our favourite! Underrated yet chic, a casual black dress can take you places. 

casualwear dresses


We all like to stick neutrals when it comes to work. The oh-so-perfect blouson for work always works with a pair of beige trousers, that is if you are the safe dresser sort. Or else, go for a gorgeous black sheer tunic with your indigo blue ripped denims, if your work atmosphere is more semi-formal. 

workwear tops

Classic black calf-length dresses is the general norm for dresses at work, but get quirky by adding your style essence to this basic trend. Accessorize!! That’s your key for being the office diva with this style. 

workwear dresses


Now we come to the most versatile part of black dressing, evening wear! Truckloads of options in terms of styles, cuts and patterns are available! But be careful while choosing your all black ensemble for the night, make sure it flatters your body type and makes you stand out amongst hoards of people. 

partywear tops

Feeling lazy to get dressed up for your evening out or are you having just one of those days when nothing you wear seems to be THE look? Not to worry, slip into your little (or long) black dress and everything will be right in the world again! Put on your statement neckpiece and you’re ready for a killer evening! 

partywear dresses

So ladies, get your favourite blacks out of the closet and step out in style lovelies!

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Skirt-It at Work


Who says work wear has got to be boring! Here’s how you take the 70’s style to work. Modest and sophisticated, this skirt takes 9-5 fashion to a whole new level. Team it up with a solid coloured blouson and you’re all set to be the office fashionista.

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