It’s coming: that moment when you step out of your house completely normal and, five seconds later, transform into a drowned rat, drenched in your own sweat. Well, it’s reality.

And, as much as we love summer, the excessive humidity is the bad omen we could certainly do without.

So, here’s few quick tips to help you combat mother nature’s ugly side.

Keep your clothes loose. The looser, the better. The less fabric you have actually touching your body, the cooler you will be. Believe it or not, a loose and and flowing maxi dress will keep you cooler than a pair of shorts and a skintight tank.


Layer with open-weave knits. That way you will be able to feel every glorious, cooling breeze.


Choose clothes in natural fabrics. Cotton, for instance, is much more breathable than polyester or rayon. It’s also better at absorbing sweat and dries faster, which means you won’t feel sweaty as long as you would if your clothes were made of synthetic fabric.


Skip the padded bra in favour of a soft, unlined bra.


Leave your backpack at home in favour of a small crossbody or tote. The last thing you want on a hot day is a huge backpack stuck to your back, making you sweat.


Hope these tips keep you cool through the summers! Let us know if you have more hacks to get through the heat!

Pic courtesy : Cosmopolitan