Shorts … some people love them while some hate them. No matter what but these fashion staple for summer are designed in many styles, fabrics, prints and colors. Women shorts are always be one of the most popular must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Shorts will give you the same cool, breezy feeling as a skirt, and for those who love to fashion in casual, yet sexy and flattering outfits will definitely have these versatile pieces more than one designs.


It is even more harder for plus size women to decide on to show off there legs. But as we believe “SIZE IS NO BAR IN FASHION”. Here’s the tips you need to know before wearing shorts this season.

Prevent Chub Rub Before It Starts

If chub rub is stopping you from wearing shorts, don’t let it! Even if your thighs touch, there are ways to prevent the pain! You should lotion up your inner thighs and tap some powder on your chub rubs. Not only does it make everything silky to prevent friction, but it also smells wonderful! There are also anti-chaffing agents out there that come in sticks like deodorant. You might want to try one of those, too!

Choose the correct length of the shorts

Jean shorts made for plus girls are such an awkward length. They aren’t quite shorts, but they aren’t quite capris. Basically, they are super unflattering. Just because your thighs are big doesn’t mean  you deserve ugly shorts! Master tip? Stop relying on stores! Maybe you’ll get lucky every once in a while. But mostly, you’ll just be disappointed. So just convert your denims into shorts, and get the perfect and desired length for yourself.


Fabric Shorts Are Usually Fab

If you’re buying shorts in stores, go with lightweight fabric ones. They are usually cut in a style that is so much more flattering than the jeans variety.

High-Waisted Shorts Are A Must, No Matter The Style

If you are about that crop top life, invest in some high-waisted shorts. They are the perfect pairing for your shorter summer tops. High-waisted shorts are so flattering on plus bodies, if you’re into that “figure flattering” talk. Plus, they are comfortable as all hell.

Wear Tights Underneath For Extra Protection

Another chub rub prevention technique? Wear tights under your shorts! Your thighs will thank you, and your outfit will be a little edgy-chic.


Don’t Be Afraid To Get Short!

Whether you are cutting the shorts yourself or buying them in stores, don’t be afraid to get short! As plus girls, are always told to hide their bodies. But forget that noise! Summer is hot. You deserve to be cool while still looking hot.

Be Confident!

Okay, so now you have some shorts that are lying in your wardrobe. You obviously look killer. So go out there and rock it! Show everyone that plus girls have nice legs, too! Build up your confidence and rock it.