A handbag is an important and essential accessory for every professional woman. They can affect your body, look and shape in the same way as a well-fitting dress, by flattering your figure or on the contrary adding volume to it.


They can take your image from dull and boring, to bold and sophisticated or fun and sexy. They carry your belongings, show off your personality and make a fashion statement.So when you are first choosing handbags the first tip is that the shape of the handbag should be the opposite of your body type, so now we need to look at getting the right size of handbag. The scale of the handbag you choose is just as important as the size, in relation to your body type. The size of your handbag should always be in proportion to your figure.

So here are some GREAT tips for choosing a handbag:


You should keep away from bags that are too small, as they will look lost against your figure. Go for handbags of reasonable size. Pick a large bag to balance out your curves. Balance your curves with a large, structured handbag, or even a boxy handbag.


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You should look for well-structured bags with sharp lines and distinct shapes, while thin girls shouldn’t be afraid to bring some fantasy into their look.

grey-handbag-269-original (1)

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Color also plays an important role,colorful bags with bright patterns and prints are ideal for tall girls, while tiny girls are recommended to choose plain, monochrome options.


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So  now you already know how to choose a bag to flatter your figure. Keep these simple rules in mind and let your bag complement your style and figure!