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Work Wear – Episode #2

In this episode we will cover the formal #Indian wear. This is for all our #desi girls out there, who crush on the formal Indian wear to work.

Look 1

This look is apt for woman who likes to keep it simple at her work place. This ensemble has in it a straight-cut #kurti paired with leggings/churidar, a nice pair of closed heels and small stud earrings. You can also pair the kurta with #palazzos or tapered pants.

Look 1 - Straight cut kurtis


Look 2

While sarees are considered uber ethnic, they can also be styled smartly to work. Add a #blazer or belt up the pallo around your waistline and you’ve got yourself a #saree make-over!

Look 3

Which desi-girl look do you relate to?

Work wear – Episode #1


Corporates are a breeding ground for fashion. If your opinion differs, take a look and shop your pick! In this episode, we will cover #western formals.

Look 1

Layer this top with a #blazer and a pair of slim fit trousers. Complete the look with a pair of #heels and a tote bag.

Look 1

Look 2

Make a statement with this co-ord set. Add on a pair of earrings and closed #pumps to complete your look.

Look 2

Look 3

Throw in a French knot #scarf with this dress and slip on a comfy pair of heels. Add a #satchel and you are off to a brilliant start to your day at work.

Look 3

Life is too short to wear boring clothes to work! So which look to do prefer ?

Pout beautifully, babes!

Love clicking selfies? Here are some incredibly easy how to’s for a beautiful pout:

Lip pencil – Use a lip pencil that matches the colour of your lips, rather than the lipstick, to outline your lips. Draw a V at the centre of your upper lip, if you want your cupids bow looking prominent. Shape the lips and corners of your mouth for greater definition.

Concealer – Apply some concealer for fuller looking lips as this helps them appear larger.

Lipstick – Apply a coat of your preferred lipstick, without going out of the lip-line. Remember that brighter colors are best for a beautiful pout!

Translucent powder – For a long lasting lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue and dab on translucent powder or even some regular powder. Finally, re-apply your lipstick.

Gloss – Apply a layer of lip gloss to add a moist sheen to your lips.

Happy Beautiful Lips!

Easiest Beauty tips from Celebrities



Sunny Leone’s skin is rich and lustrous. She never avoids washing her face even when tired. You really have to get all dirt and makeup out of pores to get a smooth and beautiful skin.

Face wash


Aishwarya Rai has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Want to know how she maintains her most valuable asset? She always carries an eye cream wherever she goes. It prevents dark puffy circles due even after a stressful, long day.

Eye cream


Priyanka Chopra has beautiful lips & the secret is to keep it moisturised with a lip balm.

lip balm


Kareena kapoor never forgets to apply night cream before sleep. While we age our skin tends to shrink, we need to constantly nourish them to avoid wrinkles. This is the secret behind the youthful skin.


Image courtesy:



Want to look Stylish at all times??

Here are a few, easy to follow tips that most Chic women have cultivated, to look polished at all times:

Dress for the occasion: Make an effort to find out what’s the dress code for any occasion, whether it’s ethnic or western, modern or conservative. This will help you in dressing appropriately and looking dignified.

Wear clothing as per your bodyshape to camouflage body variations.

Plan your Outfit the Night Before: Besides making you look your best, it also saves you from the stress next morning.

Keep some additional time in the morning for getting ready: Fix your alarm 15-30 minutes prior. This will give you sufficient time to apply your make-up, fix your hair, wear matched accessories and shoes. Also, for any other unforseen situations…

Plan the Right Undergarments based on your outfit: The foundation to looking great is well supported bras, panties and shapewear. For example, wearing nude bra rather than a white one under a white shirt will always look more appropriate.

Follow Other Stylish Women, fashion magazines & websites for Inspiration: This awareness only helps in understanding fashion and style more closely.

Cheers to many more Stylish Looks!

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Lipsticks proven to enhance the Indian skin!

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friends, didn’t know about lipsticks;) For every one, from our mother to elder sister’s, favourite aunts to annoying relatives, lipsticks have always been a topic of discussion, what works and what doesn’t…In the world of lipsticks, there are a million types out there – glossy, long wear, matte and what not!

Here is a curated list of lipsticks that definitely works for all the warm toned Indian women!

Shop these products here:

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Do you know your Body Shape?

The way your clothes fit and fall on your body is what matters more than your body weight. Hence, it becomes essential to understand your basic body shape, which will then help in knowing the types of clothes that will accentuate your good features and conceal or camouflage your body variations.

Wear a basic, conventional swimsuit or your basic lingerie. Stand in front of a full length mirror with your legs together and your arms lifted up sideways. Examine your shoulders, bust, waist, hips and thighs. 

Blog body types1

You are a Triangle body shape, if you:

  • carry more weight on your hips and/or thighs?
  • have narrower shoulders and smaller bust than hips?

You are a Rectangle body shape, if:

  • you have a smaller bust.
  • there is very little difference between your bust, waist and hips.

You are a Round body shape, if:

  • you have fullness in the tummy area.
  • your shoulder and bust are slightly smaller in proportion.

You are an Inverted body shape, if:

  • you have wider shoulders than hips.
  • you have a heavier bustline.

You are an Hourglass body shape, if

  • you bust and hips are in line.
  • you have a defined waistline.

Now that you know your bodyshape, your aim is to create an illusion of having a balanced body with:

  • Shoulders and hips in line
  • A defined bust and waist

Choose your clothing sensibly to come as close as possible to looking proportionate. While dressing, view yourself in whole. Do not focus specific problems such as the tummy, bigs,arms etc, which can distract you from taking the correct dressing decisions.


6 Must have bras in every Fashion girl’s wardrobe…

Wearing the right lingerie is the backbone to a perfect outfit! Unfortunately, we may not have right bra with us to complement a new dress/top/saree. So, here’s a look at how to pick the right must have bras:

Blog basic bra

Basic bra – This one is your bestie, for it is not only supportive but also comfortable enough for the whole day. Opt for a slightly padded, seamless one that you can wear over tees or even for the aircontioned rooms. These bras will never put you in an embarassing situation. Replace this bra every 6 months, as it might lose it’s fit.

Blog strapless bra

Strapless bra – The most important bra when it comes to wearing strapless or spaghetti dresses and tops. Try on various strapless bras till you get the perfect one. Usually, underwire ones do not slip so easily and stay on better.

Blog Convertible Bra

Convertible bra – It’s one of the most essential, versatile bras that you can get, if you like wearing halter or backless clothing. It’s modifiable straps can transform into a halter, racer-back, one-shoulder or a strapless style. Black color is the best choice here.

Blog push up bra

Push up bra – This bra has an additional padding of foam, gel etc at the bottom portion of the cup to lift the breast and give an illusion of a fuller bust. It’s a must have for women with smaller breasts. Mostly worn with fitted tops and dresses.

Blog sports bra

Sports bra – You definitely need one or more for your sports activities. To help prevent breast tissue damage, you should wear it even while brisk walking. Make sure you buy it as per your requirement, low, medium or high impact workouts. Replace the bra every 6-7 months, if you exercise regularly. Besides, these bras can also make the breasts look slighly firm and smaller when teamed with fitted tees. This is for those women who are slightly heavier on their bust.

Blog air bra

Air bra – These seamless and comfortable bras should be worn under slightly transparent clothes. It basically acts as a slip/camisole. For a firmer support, you can wear this bra even over your basic bras.

Cheers to perfect looks:)


Fashion is instant language!


We have all looked at someone and jumped to conclusions about where they are from, what they do in life and a lot about their personality.

A lot of that has to do with how we dress. Here are some simple tips to get your message right:

To look more formal:

  • Go for neutral colors
  • Select classic designs and simple clothing pieces
  • A third layer, like a jacket really helps!

To look more creative:

  • Choose unusual color combinations
  • Combine prints
  • Layer up, it will add depth to your message and give you an element of mystery

To look approachable

  • Loose the layers
  • Go for soft fabrics
  • Stick to light color contrasts

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