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5 Pant Trends You Need To Know Right Now


It’s Summer and none of us feel like wearing any pants, I get it. But familiarise yourself with the top pant trends of the season and trust me, you will hit Voonik site to stock all the latest styles that I’m going to tell you about.

Firstly, two words: HIGH WAIST! Be it denim high-waisted styles or not, this trend has taken 2016 by storm. Thanks to starlets like Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner and the likes, this trend has only soared.


The next big trend in pants are the printed styles. The prints on your pants can be that of floral, checkered, plaid or houndstooth.


Coming to the third big trend, THE FANCY PLEATS. I say fancy because, pleated pants to me look just that: fancy.


Okay, I’ll list another. Skinny pants. Yes, the good old skinny pants. They cannot be called 2016 trends in pants, as they never were out of trend. This never gets old, as c’mon, let’s face it: We all love to show off those toned legs we work so hard on. The best way to flaunt those long, seemingly endless and toned legs is by wearing a pair of well-fitting skinny pants. BLISS.


As I sit here and think how I could have missed out Palazzos, (the ultimate gift to women who love to blend comfort with style) by an unnamed hero of a designer who came up with these, it hits me that these aren’t very different from their pleated pants cousin.


So, this was about the pant trends of the season! I don’t even understand how you’re so calmly sitting here, staring at your screen, reading a fashion and style blog written by a marketing girl, when you should be rushing to Voonik, so you can shop for all the latest trends of the season and be the best dressed girl at your school/college/workplace/party/umm..home?
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WOSF Gets Hotter By The Day!


The Women’s Online Shopping Festival (WOSF), which kickstarted on May 1st, is inching towards an end. The festival, which ends this 8th, has something big in store for Mother’s Day!

Conceptualised by VelvetCase, this festival has the best of all brands in it’s kitty. With one exclusive brand per category, the festival was designed to cater to every need. Not only that, 2% of the proceeds go to The Smile Foundation. So, you are not just shopping, but you are also shopping for a cause.
With Voonik as it’s Apparel Partner, it saw a huge amount of shoppers totally loving all the deals offered!


The Happy Hours offer between 11 AM – 1 PM has the most choicest of styles at some pretty unbelievable prices! With something for people of every budget and style, the festival, so far has been a grand success. As if this wasn’t fun enough, Miss Malini curated the looks featured on the site and even took the excitement to a whole new level with a Live Twitter chat!

For women who love to stay up all night, there’s something in store for you, nocturnals! The Midnight Madness sale which starts at 12 AM and ends at 6 AM is tailor made for you.

The organisers and the brands taking part are super excited about the upcoming Mother’s Day sale that they have planned. The festival is about to take a much crazier turn tomorrow! For those of you who are curious and can’t wait to know what this is going to be about, let me give you a sneak peak! Voonik will be offering an exclusive Buy 1 Get 1 on it’s select range of western and ethnic wear. With styles so tempting and prices so delightful, shopping for a gift for the most special woman of your life, your mother, is now easy.
Show her that she means the world to you! Shop at the comfort of your couch, choose from a ton of never-seen-before styles and you have a weekend well spent.


With brands constantly adding new styles to the collections, you not only get to pick your own offer, you get to shop from a wide range of trendiest styles. After all, it’s Summer. It’s that time of the year when our wardrobes need a makeover, right?

So, enough of reading this post on a hot Saturday! Get on WOSF now and shop all you want, before they are all gone. Happy shopping, for a cause.






















A Rebel With A Funny Bone!

sumukhi suresh 1

We all grew up reading Varun Agarwal’s best selling book, “How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company”, which left us inspired and told us it was okay to rebel against the Anu aunties of our lives and chase our dreams. But who comes to your mind when you think of Anu Aunty? Yes, that’s right! Sumukhi Suresh.

If you’re a regular at The Improv or love watching hilarious viral videos, then chances are you’ve wanted to be best friends with Sumukhi Suresh!
Before meeting her for a chat, I looked up about her and this what I found:
“Sumukhi Suresh is an improv, sketch and stand up comedian from Bangalore. She is a motormouth, Hindi speaking tamalayali who has an annoying need to show off her dimple owing to her insecurities. Her parents have called to tell us that they are ready to accept her back in the family if she decides to stop laughing loudly and wake up the dead. Since has rejected her profile, she is doing stand up to hunt for a suitable groom. Rumour has it that she claims to cook well for strangers and then call them as her friends.”
What’s more hilarious than this write-up, is the woman herself. I have trouble asking her questions, as she’s constantly saying something and I’m just laughing, almost falling off my chair!

sumukhi suresh 2

Finally, I ask her, “So, tell me your story.” and that’s when she starts.
“If you had met me when I was in school, you would have never imagined that I’d end up being a stand up comedian. I had a typical American movie like school life, with me being bullied for being chubby, me wanting to be friends with the popular girls and lie in the bargain. That was angst number one.”

IMG_6277 (1)

I see a strong, confident woman, who’s saying one witty thing after another and I never could have guessed that she was bullied by her peers, growing up. She says her life changed for the better when she left to Chennai for college.
“Those were the best years of my life. I left behind my forgettable school life and embraced the fun times of college, hostel and made friends for life. My faith in girls being friends with other girls was restored!”

180cc01c-3a11-41ea-800a-d3eee631592f (1)

That was where she first discovered theatre and the stage. She went on to meet her now mentor, then theatre director, V. Balakrishnan of Theatre Nisha,she fondly remembers. She credits him for recognising the “comedian” in her. She simply laughed it off and had no idea that would be her identity, couple of years down the line.
“I moved to Bangalore, worked as a librarian (dont ask!) as a chef (not so bad actually) and then in Food Testing Laboratories. Life was not so bad. Then came the horrible breakup and heartbreak where you think the world has come to an end. This was Angst number two.”
To me, she’s a bundle of surprises, revealing one detail after another which just leaves me awestruck.
To nurse her broken heart, she wanted to distract herself and found solace in theatre again. Having no prior knowledge of improvisational comedy she still tried out for The Improv, where she claims she “fared okay”. With time she became better and after that, there was no looking back for Sumukhi. She bagged numerous roles in YouTube videos, started writing her own sketch comedies with Richa Kapoor, whom she calls her “partner in crime” and also wrote her second sketch show “Go Straight Take Left” with Naveen Richard.

sumukhi suresh 3

Her growth in the world of comedy made her rethink things. She finally gave comedy a serious thought. She wanted to take it up full time. She says, “Last year I started Stand up comedy and that’s when I knew I wanted to pursue Comedy. Atleast give myself a chance to succeed or fail in it. I quit my job in November 2015 and since then I have been a full time comedian. Its scary, I am nervous all the time, but it has been a wonderful challenge so far!”.

sumukhi suresh 8

sumukhi suresh 5

So, this is the story of Sumukhi Suresh. A lively, entertaining, comical woman, who’s climbing her way to the top of the comedy circuit. She translated all her insecurities into comedy. Body shaming, having rebelled against bullies, she now stands as an inspiration, teaching women that your looks don’t matter at all. Love yourself for all that you are: Skinny. Chubby. Tall. Short. Straight hair. Curly hair. Big breasted. Flat chested. Love yourself and find what you’re here for, because your body doesn’t define you, your deeds do. She still gets a lot of “OMG! You are a woman and you can make people laugh?”. Humor has no barriers and Sumukhi is changing perceptions. Find your purpose. Let the naysayers critic you. Let your work prove them wrong.


Dear Sumukhi,

Break more stereotypes, tickle more funny bones, keep spreading the cheer! It was an absolute pleasure having you on #VoonikBeARebel.


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A Rebel Against Insecurities

Untitled design (1)Say hello to Sasha Jairam.
She was just another girl with a head full of dreams and oodles of talent to match, when she entered 11th grade at an International School in Bangalore. But things did not go as planned. Very soon, she faced constant bullying from her peers. This got worse and left her so traumatised that there were days when Sasha ate her meals in the restroom, weeping. This experience made her insecure, bruised her confidence level, battered her self-esteem and left her broken.
She says, “I got up every morning not wanting to go through another horrifying day at school”. After months of this ordeal, with no friends to stand by her, Sasha finally couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to drop out and was homeschooled till she joined another school for her 12th grade. Experiencing bullying taught her a good deal about herself and made her see things a lot differently.

sasha 6

She says, “Then I realised friends are not my first priority, family is.”
During the time when she was homeschooled, she started clicking a lot of pictures and it was her mother who pointed out how good she was. This got her thinking about taking up photography as a career. She remembers how her mother was completely supportive, but her father  was slightly skeptical of her decision initially, as he felt it was a risky profession to rely on, only to say after a few hours how she should go for whatever makes her the happiest.
sasha 3

Let’s fast forward to a few years. She just turned 20 and was chosen as the photographer for Femina Miss India, 2016. Currently studying Fashion Photography in London College Of Fashion, she has had her work featured on Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar. In London, she assists a leading photographer who she does not want to name.

Having shot over 70 fashion models in Bangalore, and having worked for fashion houses in India and Greece. there’s no stopping Sasha! Have a look at some of her works:

sasha work 5

sasha work 4

sasha work 3

sasha work 20

sasha work 13.jpg

sasha work 16

sasha work 15

I look at this young, immensely talented girl and ask, “What are your dreams for the future, Sasha?”, to which she says, “I want to be my own boss. i don’t see myself working under somebody else. I want to travel the world and do what I love: shoot! I want to be the finest fashion photographer India has ever seen.”

sasha work 11

sasha work 17

sasha work

sasha work 14

sasha work 1

Listening to her story brought images of Taylor Swift’s iconic, “Mean” flashing through my mind. I sat there, looking at her, thinking how being a rebel isn’t always about a bold girl sporting short hair, ripped denim, cropped top, multiple tattoos, eccentric behaviour, trying to prove a point to the society by being her own real self and not owing to the pressures of her peers. A rebel can also be a soft spoken, extremely polite, down to earth, humble and an introverted young girl, clad in a floral summery frock, with plenty of accolades in her kitty, who rebelled against her own emotions, rebelled against her own weaknesses, rebelled against the voices in her head, which kept saying, “Maybe you aren’t good enough for anything”, rebelled against self-doubt and came unscathed and now stands tall as an inspiration to many, to find oneself, chase dreams and not people.

sasha 7

Dear Sasha,

Having you on #VoonikBeARebel has been an absolute pleasure!
Continue to slay it!


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