Wearing stylish clothes and looking good, even if you are a plus sized woman is no big deal now! You just have to know how? Keep in mind some handful points, while buying clothes that fit you well & cuts down those kilos.

Good fit is all in the details:

It’s the most important aspect while choosing for the category. Look for clothing that shapes & contours your body. Emphasize your assets & hide the imperfections. Clearly define your bust, waist & hipline for a beautiful and feminine curvature.

Use dark Color on heavier areas:

They’ll make you look slimmer.Focus on pants and skirts that minimize your lower half either by slimming or elongation & if you have broader shoulders wear necklines with U-neck, deep scoop, V-necks which will give an illusion of slim shoulders.

Wear Clean Cuts:


Wear cleaner cuts to elongate the torso, to create an illusion of a waist, to enhance and proportionally balance both upper & lower body which will help in adding definition and hide the extra weight.

Avoid broader patterns:

Details and patterns highlighting the wrong part of your body will make you look heavy. Don’t opt for huge prints or patterns which gives a bigger illusion making you look bulky.

Try things on, before buying and walk around in them to ensure you are comfortable in it and that it looks good on you because they are supposed to make you feel confident & not uncomfortable.

You know it now!!