Here are a few, easy to follow tips that most Chic women have cultivated, to look polished at all times:

Dress for the occasion: Make an effort to find out what’s the dress code for any occasion, whether it’s ethnic or western, modern or conservative. This will help you in dressing appropriately and looking dignified.

Wear clothing as per your bodyshape to camouflage body variations.

Plan your Outfit the Night Before: Besides making you look your best, it also saves you from the stress next morning.

Keep some additional time in the morning for getting ready: Fix your alarm 15-30 minutes prior. This will give you sufficient time to apply your make-up, fix your hair, wear matched accessories and shoes. Also, for any other unforseen situations…

Plan the Right Undergarments based on your outfit: The foundation to looking great is well supported bras, panties and shapewear. For example, wearing nude bra rather than a white one under a white shirt will always look more appropriate.

Follow Other Stylish Women, fashion magazines & websites for Inspiration: This awareness only helps in understanding fashion and style more closely.

Cheers to many more Stylish Looks!

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