Pregnancy Fashion has become mainstream in many ways. We either come across celebrity divas like Kim Kardashian and Kareena Kapoor flaunting their baby bumps or we see brands launching exquisite collections dedicated to maternity fashion – either way we know that the concept of “dressing up” during your pregnancy is here to stay.

Today we talk about how you can ace this “super-mom” trend and look like a million dollars showing off your baby bump!

Maxi dresses are a pregnancy must. They are the perfect marriage of comfort and style. It hugs your body and flows gently out, concealing all bottom heaviness. Accessorize the look with a bright bag and super comfy wedge heels — go the color-block way as that has enough of a platform to be comfortable and is trending right now. This is a great option for women, as are kitten heels or ankle booties. We advise not to skimp on the accessories when dressing your bump. Use accessories to create a focal point and bring the attention up to your face with the long earrings or a statement necklace.

Our mantra is to not forfeit your fashion identity to pregnancy. In pregnancy, hemline makes a big difference, opt for a short airy shirt-dress with bright gold accessories. A short flirty dress will always make you a little bit taller, and a baby doll is one of the most amazing little silhouettes. You can hardly see the bump hiding there then —super, super chic. An additional benefit to the look is its ability to translate to post-pregnancy style. After you have had the baby, you can style it with heels, add a couple of necklaces and still look just as glamorous. And if you’re wondering if pregnant women can wear high

When you are pregnant you never want to wear a choker, it makes you look squatter and shorter. Longer necklaces draw the eyes down, while dangling earrings bring the focus to a woman’s neck and shoulder. Scarves can also help pregnant ladies create a laid-back luxe look. The point of this look is putting all of her accessories in a way to make her look longer and leaner. The scarf does a few things: It adds the print, it adds the color, it also makes her look longer and leaner.

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable about your growing midsection. Your first instinct may be to buy some cheap tops at Target that are one or two sizes bigger than your regular size. Big enough to cover your belly. But big, baggy clothes on the biggest part of your body will only make you look…well, big. So if you haven’t yet embraced your inner “I am pregnant, hear me roar,” know that by wearing baggy clothes, you’re not fooling anyone. In fact, you’re actually making yourself look larger than you really are, which I’m assuming is not the effect you’re going for.

When buying maternity clothes that you hope will last through several pregnancy stages, choose high-quality, well-made items. Ideal maternity clothes will be made with strong, stretchy material that will grow with you, so they’ll stay snug, flattering and supportive as your body changes. Breathability, softness, durability and stretch are the things to look for in high-quality, comfortable maternity clothes. Natural fabrics such as cotton, modal, and bamboo will be soft and breathable — helping you with those pregnancy hot flashes and itchiness that are so common. Blended jersey made from those natural materials together with Spandex or lycra deliver the stretchiness, support and shape retention you need to accommodate your body as it changes.

Avoid Stilettos as far as possible as those precious high heels cannot give your back the support it needs during your pregnancy. Opt for comfortable dressy flats that will take you from day to night. T-strap sandals, classy ballerinas or even trendy loafers can be your soulmate for those nine months. Size up a half size to accommodate your growing tootsies. After baby comes, stash them away for next time or thank them very much and pay it forward to the next lucky lady.

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