How to pick the perfect Bridal Lehenga

The Big, Fat Indian Wedding! Sure they are super fun, but hardly do we address the pressure that comes with it – to be the perfect Bride. As the big day comes closer, our worries are all directed to the perfect outfit – and why the hell not, it’s our day to shine! Will it be a contemporary Lehenga Saree or a traditional Bridal Lehenga? So many decisions, so little time!

Worry not lovelies, we are here to save the day! Read on to know how to chose the perfect Lehenga for your D-Day!

Balance your curves by wearing a blouse with detailing and volume. Take advantage of your defined waist by wearing low waist lehenga or draping bridal saree just below navel. Don’t add much volume to your lehenga as it will make you appear out of shape. Avoid wearing tube tops or fishtail gowns which will highlight only your bottom.

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Since a rectangle body shape has no curves, you’ll want the bridal lehenga to add curves to your body.Choose a wide, full skirt in a stiff fabric like Raw Silk to add volume at the bottom. Pair with a blouse that is low and plunging to create the illusion of curves.

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Wear a lehenga with wide flair with a lot of detailing at the bottom. This will balance the body shape. Avoid highlighting choli’s with lot of embellishment which will give a bulky bust look.

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Empire length styles with deep necklines will enhance your look. Go for soft fabrics like chiffon or georgette to bring out the feminine side of you.  Longer length choli’s with a U or V cut from the hem will give a balance to your attire. Avoid still fabrics like brocade or tissues as they give a very flat look to your body. Also wear a bra that lifts your bust line.

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Since you have the luxury of not having to think about which part of your body to draw attention away from, you can even choose to wear something that draws attention to all. Full-ghera or fish-cut, short choli, net dupatta, heavy embroidery on all or any parts of the lehenga – you are probably the only body shape that can wear every combination you can think of.

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One of the other most important components in the decision making has to be your Skin-Tone. Here are some Colors you should stick to for each Skin Tone:

  • For the Very Fair – It is preferable that dark and rich colors are worn if the skin tone is fair. So the Oranges and Reds are your best friend! Some other colors that can be experimented with are White, Pink or shades of Blue and Yellow.
  • For the Medium Wheatish – Wear neutral colors, Try avoiding bright colors if you have ‘warmer’ skin tone. Best colors for you are shades of Orange, Gold, Brown, and shades of Grey and Beige in lighter colors. Avoid bright colors and pastels.
  • For the Dusky Darks – Wear pale colors, such as shades of yellow and blue. For brighter colors, wear true reds and bright greens. Avoid black and white. Also unconventional colors like shades of Dusty Pink and Olive are a winner for your dark undertone!

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