For this Final part of our guide to shop online,  we will discuss the return policies and wallet payments related to all online shopping sites. These are the areas most consumers have the maximum doubts about.

So today we will discuss what one can do to minimize the chances of making blunders during online shopping.

Also, if you by chance want to return the product you bought online or are facing payment issues – don’t worry, every online site has strict policies about customer service and full refunds, so you’re in safe hands 🙂

Every site has their very own terms and conditions so before you place an order, make sure you have read all the terms thoroughly. Most sites have easy accessibility to the Q&A page or Terms&Conditions page, so missing that out and blindly placing an order could be a risky process. 
So the next time you go shopping online, don’t forget to visit this page which just might save you the trouble of going through a painful return/refund process all together!

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This is probably one of the most neglected segments. Return/Exchange/Refunds are a major headache for any consumer so to avoid such an unpleasant situation, make sure you carefully handpick your desired product after going through the size guide and fabric quality matters. Even after this thorough check if the product received still doesn’t appeal to you a return request can be raised. 
More importantly, it is important to know that online sites have different variations of sellers who have their own terms on return. Some products can be returned only within 2 days of delivery whereas for others it can be as delayed as 15 days. Hence it is of utmost importance that you read the exchange and refund policies for that specific product/brand carefully. 

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We highly recommend making online payments through net banking, credit/debit cards or various online wallet services. This not only saves you the hazard of keeping change for the delivery boy when your product arrives but also makes refunds easier. 
Most of us these days don’t prefer keeping a lot of cash with us, hence online payment saves you the harassment of going to an ATM and picking up cash just for your Cash-On-Delivery courier. Also, why we said refunds were easier is simply because once you request a refund the merchant will process that to your bank account. Hence if they already have your bank details from your online payment made, it becomes easier for them to transfer the refund amount into that same account. 

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This concludes our Tips to make you the pro Smart-Shopper.

If you think our tips helped you to get over the fears of online shopping or gave you a better insight into the world of e-commerce consumers, write to us below in the comments section and tell us how this article helped you 🙂