Plus-sized clothing for women usually refers to clothing sized 20 and above. However, many stores have plus-sized ranges that start higher or lower. Some stores, such as Lane Bryant, Pluss in India, specialise only in plus-sized clothing, while other stores offer clothing in these sizes as an addition to other lines, such as junior or petite-sized clothing. Because there is no size standardisation, the actual cut of the clothing can vary and size could be different from brand to brand, which leads to confusion amongst customers.  Some of the major sizing patterns which are followed by the international and as well as Indian brands are:


Brands which follow X’s pattern for clothing have a range from 1x and larger, depending upon the Brands. These sizes usually correspond to a small range of sizes in the larger numbered ranges. For example: Forever 21+, e-shakti.

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Forever 21+


Brands which utilise number sizing for plus-sized clothing usually ranges from 14w and upward. Depending upon the Brand, there will not be a big difference between a 22 and 3 xs. Because the 3x is cut for several sizes — 22 to 24 — it will probably be larger than a 22, which is a more precise size. Clothing that emphasises tailoring and fit will typically be marked with number sizes. For example: Torrid, Voileta by mango.

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Initially Junior plus size was created to bridge the gap of the younger plus size teen who was left without fashionable options, junior plus size fashion also caters to the everyday plus size woman. Junior plus dresses/clothing are cut slimmer through the bust and hip areas with less of a differentiation between waist and hip. Consequently, junior plus sizes run smaller than regular plus-sizes by as much as one, two, even three sizes. The idea is that junior plus pieces are cut for younger bodies which are less fully developed, less curvaceous, and more youthful in proportion. For Example : Nordstorm.





Most of the Brands in India follow international sizing pattern. It is the most common and the simplest sizing pattern. This pattern usually starts from XXL TO 7XL. International sizing pattern is followed for petite sizes, normal sizes and plus sizes. For example: Stalkbuylove, Dress berry dresses.

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Dress berry Dresses