Accessories are much more versatile and user friendly than clothing.  Choose accessories strategically according to the occasion to enhance your looks and bring attention towards your assets.

New Hair, New you


A women’s hair is her glory, so make sure you make most of it. Choose a haircut or a hairstyle which compliments your face cut and your body structure. Play with color, curls, and ponytails strategically.

Wear the right makeup


Your face is the first thing anyone notices. Makeup shouldn’t be optional. Choose the correct makeup which compliments your skin tone and enhances your features. You don’t have to put full makeup full day but put on eye liners and lipsticks like essentials, as it contour’s the attention towards your face.

Opt for  Right Accessories


You can pull off the large & bold accessories that would over whelm smaller framed women. Tiny earrings and pendants may get lost on you and will not add up more to your look.  On the other hand, wearing long dangly earrings elongates your neck.Two three Chunky bangles will work for you to make your plum wrist appear slender. Similarly a big handbag can make you look smaller, as it will not look tiny next to you.

Heels are a great idea.


The added height will often make you appear slimmer and slender. Also, you automatically walk more delicately when your are in heel, hence you don’t look sloppy. If you have heavy legs and ankles, avoid delicate footwear. A wedge heel on the other hand will look amazing.