Hello all you Weekender Warriors!!!

India’s answer to UK’s Glastonbury festival, the Bacardi NH7 Weekender has seen the likes of Mutemath & Imogen Heap as well as Indian Ocean & Dualist Inquiry. Hence it’s safe to say that every music enthusiast in the country wouldn’t miss NH7 for the world!

We are here to help you look the part of the ever-energized music festival lover! Look the part and feel the part too, to be precise.


Remember, Comfort comes first. You’ll have to be in the same clothes throughout the day, so make sure you wear something super comfortable in which you can easily sit down on the green grass or jump up and down like a mad man! Here are our top picks :

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Keep your stilettos at home for this one Ladies !!! Make sure your shoes are the type you can dance all day and night in, brownie points for covered shoes of course! Covered shoes will protect your precious feet against the dust and mud on the festival grounds. If at all you aren’t the biggest fan of covered shoes, opt for androgynous metallic flats for instead.

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First and foremost, you have to get your suncreen game bang on! Our picks would be Neutrogena and Olay for the best SPF protection. Apart from that keep your lip balm and compact handy at all times, and to top it all up do not forget refreshing wet wipes and of course mutiple scrunchies for your hair!

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Coming down to the final pointer, these are products you just cannot survive the Weekender without. For all your drunken dramas and unforeseen dilemmas, these 5 things are a must-have!

A Sanitizer for when your stomach grumbles for food

A pack of Odomos for the evening sit-downs on the grass

 A pack of Band-Aids for all the “down falls”

A portable Power Bank to keep your phone alive throughout the day

And lastly an Energy Bar to keep you awake till you get home (it works if you don’t want to go home also, it shall keep you awake all night 😉 )

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So lovelies, keep Weekender-ing and stay tuned for more NH7 news!

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