Observing Amazon India Fashion Week S/S ’16 closely, one can easily tell that the Saree has been the Hero this time for most of the collections put out. 

Be it the linen goodness draped over loose Crop Top-like Blouses by Anavila Misra or the Khadi ones by Vaishali Shadangule, or even the Jeweled Bikini versions by Resortwear Specialists Shivan & Narresh — the sari is a definitely a style statement now. 


Anamika Khanna, Spring/Summer ’16


Anavila Misra, Spring/Summer ’16


Archana Rao, Spring/Summer ’16


Dev R Nil, Spring/Summer ’16


Payal Pratap, Spring/Summer ’16


Shivan & Narresh, Spring/Summer ’16

It might not be a part of your everyday wardrobe but every now and then, get in touch with your roots and sport a sari.

Plus a saree can be traditional as well as edgy, it all depends on how you style it.

So ladies, take inspiration from these beautiful creations and tell us what would be the perfect saree look for you!!!

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