A NIFT alumni, Nida Mahmood definitely knows how to do away with the boring and repetitive! We are head over heels in love with her for her off-beat take on couture, plus she is more than just another ordinary designer, she is a writer and an artist too! 

For her Spring/Summer ’16 collection, she poetically translated art and architecture onto apparel ‘with a purr and a meow’. The collection is vibrant in its reflection of Bombay of the 1960s, representing the delicate Art Nouveau, where industrial revolution meets Bollywood bloom.

Untitled design (5)

Mahmood adds, “prints create the most important aspect of this collection not just owing to the value of visual impact but from the core of the concept” — the prints will have gentleness of the essence of being a woman but at the same time the strong-mindedness of a strong willed individual.

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Mahmood’s colour palette ranges from pale blues, lemons and oranges, green and soft pinks on summer fabrics like georgettes, crêpes, satin, twill, heavy gauge four-way stretch net and neoprene.

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The main techniques used in the ‘Junglee Billee’ collection include printing and patchwork, through which Mahmood has tried to play with the concept of transparency and opacity as a strong design language. 

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Her 25 garments collection really did bowl us over.  And how erratically brilliant are those headgears? 

What is your take on this colourful and fun collection? 

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