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5 flattering styles of tops for plus size women.

Tops are like the real essentials in a girl’s wardrobe. The apparel stores are full of tops  like off shoulders, tubes, tank tops, kaftans, tunic tops and many more. This makes it more challenging for plus size women to pick up the best suitable styles for their body shape/type.


Here are a few styles of Tops which will flatter your body shape:


It creates an illusion of an open neckline, bringing the attention towards your face. This style is a must have in every trendsetter’s wardrobe. Like it ? Shop it here.




Peplum tops give your body an illusion of an hourglass bodyshape, besides camouflaging the tummy area. This style is best suitable for wide rectangle body shape. Shop it here.




Asymmetric cuts always work very well for the plus size women. Since it is not too loose, nor too tight, it compliments the body shape and gives a flattering look. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (1)



Sheer fabric tops trigger the curiosity factor, making them a great dressy wear option. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (3)


Maxi tops give you a high level of style statement. With it’s  long, continuous length from the shoulder to the ankle, it also makes you appear taller & leaner. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (4)


Looking for more interesting styles to shop ???

Check it out here.


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Workout In Style

Gymwear has become an integral part of our lives. Looking good at the gym has become equally important as the workout regime you follow. Mastering the art of Workout Fashion is a necessity in this era and we are here to tell you how to ace the whole Athleisure Trend.

Starting with the most essential part of gymwear, the Sports Bra isn’t just about the extra support anymore. It has evolved into quirky, pop color styles that are meant to make a statement. Also, a bright bra draws attention to the top half of your body in a flirty, subtle way.

Shop this Here

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A cute, well-stocked bag can improve the chances you’ll hit the gym (and have a good time doing it). Make sure you take an utilitarian approach and opt for a spacious and handy bag that can fit the world in it. We would recommend Duffle Bags over Backpacks for that extra hint of Chic.

Shop this Here

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We do feel a nip in the air and it’s best to cover up after a heavy-duty workout session. Take a cue from “IT Girls” Kendall or Gigi and put on a jacket over your tank or sports bra post workout. Pick from a vast range of pop prints and stay ahead of the fashion game.

Shop this Here

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Black Fitted Leggings are so last season! It’s time for a burst of color when it comes to your trackpants. Geometric and Novelty Prints are making their way into the season’s picks for gymwear. 3/4th Styles or Ankle Length Skinnies – both need a splash of print to get rid of that whole “mundane gymwear” concept.

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Bright Colors on your Feet is what we recommend! Go for lightweight shoes that can go a long way, rather than heavy shoes. Pair your colorful cheery kicks with black leggings for a “lady-long-legs” effect. This season we see a rise in the printed kind of sneakers too, so make sure you invest in a proper pair for those “dressy” gym days.

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Gym is synonymous with the “No-MakeUp” look, but it doesn’t hurt to add a little something! A dash of mascara and a hint of lip balm and you’re all set!

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Looking like a fitness goddess in the gym has never been this easy🙂


8 Trends for the Festive Season


The festive season always brings in a tremendous amount of pressure on the urban woman in respect to the uber perfect wardrobe they are expected to have year after year. As we have observed in the last couple of years, staying significantly “on-trend” has become a massive part of our schedule as the age of technology progresses.

The variations in the Festive Trends for 2016 can cater to each and every woman’s personal style.

Defying the customs for the festive palette, we see steady rise among the ivories and the season’s favourite fresh pastels. Having said that, we also have some stand-out bold colors that made their way straight from the runway – for example the color Coffee Maroon or the inevitable Earthy Rust has a steady hold over the festive palette this year.colors

The use of shimmer has also made the festive look “oh-so-blingy”! Designers didn’t shy away from the going all-out bling and we sure couldn’t be happier! Talking about bling, we also see a lot of bejewelled headbands and stone-cut accessories working their charm this festive season.Bling.png

Gotapatti is a definite hero for this year’s festivities! Anita Dongre’s collection gave us a sneak peak into a world where contemporary silhouettes meet the traditional gota.

For a more relaxed look, we encourage you to opt for bohemian inspired tie & dye styles in shades of indigo and rust – as seen on the Ka-Sha runway.

Androgyny has picked up in a large way and we see unconventional pairings on the runway like a straight-cut brocade shirt with exaggerated pop-color lehengas. Blouses have been replaced by cropped shirts and sarees are being paired with exquisite brocade blazers.

 Manish Malhotra introduced some elaborate floor-length capes over delicately embroidered sarees, which can be a complete showstopper look for your “grand-diwali” appearance. The cape trend is definitely here to stay when it comes to ethnicwear – we saw a variation of lehengas paired with capes ruling the runways for a number of designers.capes

Florals have become a classic these days and it’s definitely hard to rule it out any season. However, this time we see an influx in the use of vintage inspired botanical-floral motifs that transform you to another era.florals.png

Another trend that you cannot escape is the Cold Shoulder. It’s everywhere, literally!!! Blouses, Cholis, Gowns and Kurtas – give it a special edge with cut-out-shoulders!cold shoulders.png

Top it off with some easy victorian updos with some added floral details, and you’re all set!hairstyles

We are super inspired! Are you?

Brand of the week -Anni Designer


This Thursday our ethnic brand of the week award goes to ‘Anni Designer’.

Anni designer has a beautiful collection of sarees that one can’t get over! They have a wide range of fabrics be it georgette, silks, chiffons or cottons. They also have styles, patterns and colours suiting every skin tone and personality!

Shop from their collection here

Or have a look at the pieces we are head over heels.


Shop this saree here


Shop this saree here


Shop this saree here


Shop this saree here


Shop this saree here

Brand of the week – HC Enterprises


We women can never have enough footwear, and why should we ! I say, the more the merrier🙂 Now you don’t have to feel guilty when you go shoe shopping, because you can now buy shoes at affordable prices.

So without further ado, let’s tell you about our brand of the week – HC Enterprises. This is brand is your ultimate destination for the latest collection in the shoe world.

We’ve handpicked some of our favourites here. You could also check out the entire collection here.


The golden flats for your ethnic suits.


For the casual outdoor fun, shop this red shoe here


Kolhapuri flats for ethnic suits. Shop it here


Casual comfy slip-on sandals. Shop it here


Uplift your mood with this ethnic thong flats. Shop it here.

How to choose footwear for Sarees


Saree is an attire that makes you look sexy as well as gorgeous in the most traditional manner. At the same time, it gives you a chance to flaunt your curves like no other outfit. However, there are various things that you need to take care of in order to look your best in this beautiful Indian attire. Footwear being the most important of them all.

Like they say you can judge a man by his shoes, so can you ruin a beautiful saree by the wrong footwear.

A few points here, could help you overcome that fashion faux pas!

1.Always drape your saree with the selected footwear, so that you get an idea of the length of the saree.

2.Try to wear heels with saree because they make your outfit look better and also keep your saree’s edge clean.

3.Make sure that the heels are not shown under the hem of a saree. Drape your saree low waist to look sexy and hide the base of your heels.

4.Choose footwear according to the theme of your saree and not its color. For e.g. red footwear on a red saree will make you look like a clown. But, if your saree has silver embroidery then you can wear silver footwear. In the same way, if your saree has pink polka dots then you can choose pink footwear.

5.Avoid wearing flats with saree as there is always a chance that you might trip over on the heavy pleats.

6.Do not wear sports shoes, wedges heels, boots, flip-flop and floaters with your saree under any circumstances as they would definitely account for a fashion faux pas!

So girls, the next time you wear a saree, never go wrong with the footwear. Make sure you maintain your chic look with the right pair of sandals. Stand tall and look beautiful in your sizzling drape.

Shop these footwear, that will go perfectly well with your saree.


Shop this silver pair here


Shop this black heels here


Shop this white pair here


Shop this golden pair here

You could also check the whole collection here.

Jeans Guide: How to choose a perfect fit for your body type?

Jeans are a fashion staple in every woman’s closet, but the style of the jeans you wear can make or break your look. If you choose your jeans based on your body shape, you’ll be able to confidently put your best foot forward whenever you step out of the house.


All of us have different shapes, sizes and styles, so finding the right pair of jeans can be a task. Luckily there are tips and tricks for each of you for finding the perfect pair of jeans! All you need to do is follow a few of these steps and remember them when heading to the changing room of your latest denim department.


Hourglass Bodyshape

You ladies are a lot luckier with this body shape as you can get away with most things and look great. With a hip to bust ratio of 50/50 and a slim waist, it’s all about the styling and keeping your proportions balanced. Here are some great jeans to look for:

Skinny Jeans – These are the most flattering on hourglass shapes. Your chest and hips are in proportion with each other already so showing your legs off in skinnies only highlights that point. Bootcut jeans can actually overwhelm you and hide your frame.

Higher rises – High rises are recommended because the waistband will sit at the smallest part of your waist, this will also give the illusion of an even slimmer middle.

Medium size back pockets – Don’t go too big or too small with your back pocket sizing, it’s important to enhance your butt so choose wisely!

Skinny flare – If you want to do flared jeans, I would say choose a pair that are tight and skinny all the way to the knee and then give off a slight flare. This is much more flattering.

Flares – If you are a much more curvy hourglass that above and carry a lot of weight on the hips, a flared jean will really help balance that out.


Rectangle Bodyshape

Most often like the super model shape with extra height, long legs and a straighter hip area, you can find it hard to get jeans to fit in length and be flattering and feminine. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of choices for you. Look out for these:

Inseams – If you want to go for a smart look, long inseams are the way to go as they will make you sleek and clean. If you prefer something more fashionable and love the look of jeans with ankle boots, go for a cropped skinny and cuff them with your ankle boots. This will give more depth to your shape and lessen your height a little bit while looking chic.

Skinny Jeans – Skinnies are always your best friend as they show off your figure beautifully. Just be sure to pick the most flattering pair for your butt and thighs.

Skinny Flares – You can also get away with skinny flares as you have the height to pull it off. Don’t do baggy flares as they will overwhelm you, so make sure the flare starts below the knee and the fit above is tight.

Rises – If you want to show off your height, go for a high rise, but if you want to make your legs more proportional, a low rise will work wonders.

Boyfriend Jeans – Luckily, you can get away with boyfriend jeans and make them look amazing! Go for a slimmer fitting boyfriend and it will look great.


Triangle bodyshape

With more curves around the hip and butt and a smaller upper half, it can be harder to find jeans that balance out your proportions and are flattering rather than awkward. You look out for jeans with these fits:

Bootcut or wider flares – These will help balance out the hips and keep your legs in proportion with the extra fabric around the calves.

Long inseams – Having a longer length means you can wear heels under your flares and bootcut jeans. This will of course elongate your legs and make them look slimmer.

Higher rises – You should buy jeans with a higher rise as they are very balancing to your shape.

Larger pockets – It’s important to enhance your booty since you are blessed with it, so look for larger back pockets as small ones can make it look bigger.

Stretch denim – Always look for stretch denim as it will hug your body better, creating a more sleek silhouette. Plus, it’s not as restricting as rigid denim.

Boots – If you do want to go for a skinny jean,  you should tuck them into boots as it will help balance out the hips more and create a better shape.

Inverted Triangle Bodyshape


Round Body Shape

For those of you who carry your issues around your tummy area and always struggle to find jeans that are flattering or give you that shape you are looking for, there’s definitely options for you too! Embrace your body shape and work with it rather than against it. These are some tips to look for:

Skinny Jeans – Skinny jeans can look really good when they are paired with a floaty, gypsy style top as this will hide your problem area but the skinnies will still be fitted, creating a balanced look.

Rises – If you are more curvy and you want to hide your stomach, you should opt for a high rise jean as this will hold everything in. If you are a more slimmer apple shape then lower rise jeans can give you a more curvy appearance.

Trouser Jeans – If you want to balance things out, you should go for a trouser style jean as the wider leg from hip to foot will help with proportions.


Voonik Brand of the Week – Mannequin Store


Hello Lovelies,

We are back with another saree brand this week – Mannequin Store. This brand specially caters to a niche audience! It houses the best and most decorative sarees and has no intentions to shift their focus from anything but sarees🙂

Now, we all know how enchanting this 9 yards of wonder is so we can’t blame them for being so focused on sarees only. While browsing through their collection we see different styles both contemporary and new. They have sarees for every occasion from parties to formal.

So what are you waiting for?
Visit their entire collection here or pick a piece from our favourites.

Here is a glimpse of their collection:


Shop this Here


Shop this Here


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Shop this Here

Voonik Brand of the Week – ANJALI FASHIONS


Upcoming function in the family? Festivities around the corner? Wondering what ethnic clothes to wear this time? Fret not because we bring to you Anjali Fashions!

Anjali Fashions is a name synonymous with ethnic wear. Be it your lehenga choli or anarkali suits, Anjali Fashion houses it all. Bright colors and festive embroideries rule the collection. We see a variation of ethnic styles that cater to women coming from all different backgrounds and regions.

Visit their Entire Collection here.

Voonik is happy to be associated with them.

Or here’s a look at our love list!


Shop this Here


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Shop this Here

Inspired Much? Shop their Collection now!!!

New York Fashion Week S/S ’17


Tom Ford presented a collection that was anything but “spring-y” as this King of Fashion swapped the old fashion show business model for today’s “buy now, wear now” concept. He delivered a fall/winter collection of patchwork leathers, color-blocked furs, tweeds, and velvets perfect for cool weather element dressing. Menswear rounded out the collection giving buyers and customers alike access to what you’ve got to have NOW.
Untitled design (2).png

There wasn’t much that wasn’t AWESOME in the collection presented by Thakoon Panichgul last week.  An exciting presentation of rich fabrics in earth tones, there was no mistaking that fall 2016 was on display here. Great knits, strong shirts and jackets were layered over skirts, pants, dresses and jeans to create easy, wearable stylings that reflected his trademark utilitarian aesthetic.  This was sportswear with a bit of street creed at its best.

Beautifully tailored and delicately crafted, Jason Wu’s SS17 collection had a spring theme with floral appliqués and fine gauge, dusty colored lace dresses. But the pieces also had a nice transitional feel with merino pants and long sleeves. His sheer tops and dresses were sexy and sophisticated.  Soft draping, architectural cuts and skilled tailoring gave his dresses a thoroughly modern feel with many of the options so striking that you’d hardly be able to wear them twice without people noticing.

The right soundtrack is very important for any runway show, and Gurung chose a recital of the poem”Phenomenal Woman” by the late great Maya Angelou. That was the way Prabal Gurung chose to conclude his spring runway show, and it seemed to speak as much to another upcoming collection of his as to his general outlook on the Gurung customer. That spirit was on hand – Gurung’s ladies were strong, confident and have places to go. This showed in the silhouettes her chose – like the luxe cashmere boucle sweater, yanked off one shoulder, trousers fluttering with a cuff of ostrich feathers and some umpteen stunner beaded gowns. The dresses, tops and skirts were slashed to reveal flashes of skin.

Time to check Netflix or Hulu for the 1990 David Lynch film “Wild at Heart,” which stars a carefree Laura Dern and Nicolas Cage. Joseph Altuzarra had it on the brain when designing his spring collection. With David Lynch as inspiration, Altuzarra’s collection was all about romantic and kitschy garments with a little darker pulsing just under the surface. “I wanted the collection to feel happy, vibrant and erotically charged,” the designer wrote in his program, and the clothing obliged. A mix of flirty ruffle dresses in cherry prints and the tougher python print, hit the runway. There were Nipped jackets and slit skirts in gingham which seem perfect for lunching with the gals, and those teensy flouncy bralettes in crepe de chine paired with a ruffly skirt should be the uniform for your Bahama vacay.

British designer Jenny Packham (she’s a favorite of the Royals) lined up all sorts of glamor in her Sunday afternoon show and within her 31-look collection, there was something for everybody. For rocker girls who party there was a formal gold illusion beaded top with wide-leg embellished trousers, or an uber blinged-out black and gold gown with wide sleeves. A surprising little floral embroidered tulle shorts outfit and a fiery red chiffon mini with a ruffled hem and blousy sleeves, was just the thing for jet-setting hippie girls. Mothers of the bride and maybe queen mothers will swoon for several satiny pale pink jobs along with an elegant, albeit restrained, auburn skirt and shirt ensemble. But we liked the last gown, an off-the-shoulder Calder-inspired print in black and ivory for the Duchess of Cambridge herself!
jenny packham.png

At Victoria Beckham’s morning show it was all about clothes. Beckham, who is known for her bodycon silhouettes loosened up significantly with garments that skimmed gracefully rather than clung. Stars of the show included crushed summer-weight velvet numbers in lilac and white, and crinkly washed satin dresses that could easily go from day to night. Some ensembles had bra tops and paper bag waists along with matching soft bags that punctuated the ease of this lineup. Beckham herself called it, “a collection with an assured free spirit.”
victoria beckham.png

After his two fashion shows, Wang had a wall open up revealing a huge party space behind the runway, complete with the guilty pleasures we all share — a 7-Eleven truck filled with candy, chips and other munchies, a McDonald’s truck churning out fresh-cooked cheeseburgers and fries, a graffiti station and a D.J. spinning tunes and more. Prior to this massive party came his eponymous spring line, which featured menswear-inspired fabrics like the blue-striped shirt material used for strappy bralettes, paired with shorts and a pinstripe blazer with the sleeves ripped off. Sport was another key influence here, and some of the best looks were the gray scuba-like dresses with candy-colored trim. Post this the designer released a surprise collection – a special collaboration with Adidas featuring 84 unisex pieces of apparel and footwear which included hoodies, track jackets, shorts, and more.

The designer’s concept this time was #tommynow – Tommy Hilfiger’s take on the “see now, buy now” phenomenon. The “wow” reaction had to do with the fact that Tommy didn’t just mount a runway show – he created a full carnival, complete with fried food, spinny rides and a Ferris wheel on a pier at South Street Seaport. Debuting the new “Tommy x Gigi” capsule collection was the runway hottie herself – Gigi Hadid. The looks were classic Tommy — midriff sailor shirts, fisherman’s knit sweater dresses, denim cutoffs, oversize satin bombers and a massive furry hoodie emblazoned with an anchor on front — all very nautical and hyper American, which Tommy does oh so well.
tommy hilfiger.jpg

Australian designer Nicky Zimmermann’s  runway was set in a space where separate areas were cordoned off by opaque screens (to create an underground effect, we suspect) and was all about a hipster’s take on modern rumpled elegance. There were feminine frills, tiers, ruffles and lace galore in a palate of cream, lilac, steel blue and dusty peach. A fabulous bathrobe coat was done up in washed out florals, there were wide trousers in soft French stripes and patchwork checked silk blouses to suggest “rogue swagger,”. A swashbuckling pirate vibe ran as an undercurrent to all the romance here, heightened by plenty of corsetry. Ahoy!

It was a welcome return for Oday Shakar, who on Friday morning returned to New York Fashion Week after a two-year hiatus. Shakar’s regal collection, meant to reflect his Arab-American heritage by fusing Western and Middle Eastern influences, was v-e-r-y good. From ultra bodycons in feather light micro suede to billowy glam kaftans, flowy chiffon and organza pleated gowns – it was all about Spring meets Fall. Lovely prints conjured ornate mosque windows and details included patterned metallic trims. Shakar used color judiciously — lots of white and pale blush here but when he went for it, he went big, as in the case of a vivid lemony gown and an ethereal number in teal. We’d hardly be surprised to see some starlet wearing Shakar’s work on a red carpet.

Free-spirited global travelers who don’t hold back inspired Desigual’s lineup, which turned out to be, arguably, the most joyous romp of the first official day of New York Fashion Week. There were maxis in flowing textured fabrics, colorful, barely-there bikinis and loads of separates in between. Much of the collection boasted embroidery and embellishment galore, including beaded animals, plant and ethnic motifs. Models wore army green bomber jackets with flowers crawling up the sleeve, butterfly-embroidered rompers, fabulous denim jackets — some encrusted with rhinestones — vividly colored striped knits, peasant skirts and tie-dye looks. Add to the fun mix: sequin-encrusted berets, embroidered army caps, and even one topper that appeared to be a crown of butterflies.

Which was your favourite collection from #NYFW?

Let us know in the comments below🙂



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