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5 flattering styles of tops for plus size women.

Tops are like the real essentials in a girl’s wardrobe. The apparel stores are full of tops  like off shoulders, tubes, tank tops, kaftans, tunic tops and many more. This makes it more challenging for plus size women to pick up the best suitable styles for their body shape/type.


Here are a few styles of Tops which will flatter your body shape:


It creates an illusion of an open neckline, bringing the attention towards your face. This style is a must have in every trendsetter’s wardrobe. Like it ? Shop it here.




Peplum tops give your body an illusion of an hourglass bodyshape, besides camouflaging the tummy area. This style is best suitable for wide rectangle body shape. Shop it here.




Asymmetric cuts always work very well for the plus size women. Since it is not too loose, nor too tight, it compliments the body shape and gives a flattering look. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (1)



Sheer fabric tops trigger the curiosity factor, making them a great dressy wear option. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (3)


Maxi tops give you a high level of style statement. With it’s  long, continuous length from the shoulder to the ankle, it also makes you appear taller & leaner. Like it ? Shop it here.

d3-original (4)


Looking for more interesting styles to shop ???

Check it out here.


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Brand of the Week – Mahi Clothings

Mahi Clothings.jpg

Hello Ladies, we are back with another ethnic brand – Mahi Clothings. This brand specially caters to a niche audience! It houses the best and most decorative sarees and has no intentions to shift their focus from anything but sarees🙂

Now, we all know how enchanting this 9 yards of wonder is so we can’t blame them for being so focused on sarees only. While browsing through their collection we see different styles both contemporary and new. They have sarees for every occasion from parties to formal.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their entire collection here or pick a piece from our favourites.


Shop this here


Shop this here


Shop this here


Shop this here


Shop this here


7 Must Have Red Sarees !

Shades of Red Sarees

“Ek chutki sindoor” the famous dialogue from the movie “Om Shanti Om” is as famous as the charisma of sindoori ‘the sacred red’, that has led the hue to dominate bridal trousseau wear since the inception of marriage as an institution.

The symbol of love, passion and even intense drama is often hailed as an auspicious colour in the spectrum of hues.

No Hindu wedding is complete without this colour. We have curated shades of this colour in different saree fabrics that we have to offer.

Crimson Red – Crimson & Brown Handwoven Cotton Silk Saree.


Buy this crimson red saree here

Orangey Red – The typical Bandhani saree


Buy this Bandhani saree here

Rose Red – A Banarasi saree so beautiful that you just cannot miss to own one.


Buy this banarasi silk saree here

Ruby Red – Silk embroidered saree


Shop this silk embroidered saree here

Blush red – Chanderi cotton saree in blush red colour


Shop this Chanderi saree here

Cherry Red – This beautifully embroidered art silk saree in cherry red colour.


Shop this art silk saree here

Scarlet Red – Cotton silk saree with golden borders


Shop this cotton silk saree here

Brick red – A georgette brocade saree is another must have.


Shop this georgette brocade saree here


Trends which made come back in 2016.


Trends often reflects the society. Important personalities in history have also had an impact on fashion, but no matter how competitive and innovative the Fashion industry is, it actually has to follow what is called the “Fashion Cycle”, which has no specific measurable time period. Some styles sustain for longer period of time. Some die out soon, and some styles come back years after they were declined.. So we can say that fashion changes with time and has always been evolving to fit the taste, lifestyle and demands of society. It is only natural that the new trends are introduced to the public gradually.

Take a look at these vintage styles from our mom’s generation that is making a comeback this season.

Flared bottoms

To ace this trend, all you need to do is raid your mom’s closet or trunks from years gone by and take out her flared bottoms. This ‘hippie’ style accentuates your figure like no other. You can pair them with high heels and off-shoulder tops and you are good to go. The perfect blend of quirk and bohemia, these vintage bottoms are comfortable and snug, and our moms loved wearing them a lot back in the 70s.flared bottoms

Big geek Glasses

The giant geeky glasses and tinted shades are making a huge comeback and how. Think Zeenat Aman and Dum Maaro Dum and you know what we are talking about. Ask your moms and they will tell you how big a rage they were back in their time. And luckily for us, this retro trend is back in vogue. Myriad shapes and different hues, you can pair these glasses with your wardrobe and look retro-chic.

geek glasses.jpg

High Waisted Denims

There is a reason why they are called the ‘mom jean’ because they love you back. The silhouette may be super unflattering but boy oh boy, are they snuggly? Your Pinterest feed is flooded with fashion bloggers giving a big thumbs up to this retro style. These high rise pants were a rage back in our moms’ time and it is here to stay.

high wasited.jpg

Fringes and Tassels

Tassel Fringe is in! Yes there is still plenty of 70s- and Western-inspired suede fringe walking down the runways and on the streets these days. Get your boho-chic on and flaunt your fringe in accessories and clothes.



Revamp your wardrobe and give it that extra edge with beautifully embellished chokers. This trend has made a huge comeback since the 70’s and many Indian celebs have been sported flauting their necks in style. Your mom in the eighties was definitely donning these beauties and so should you.


Big Hoop Earrings

When it came to earrings back in the seventies, the bigger was definitely better. And this decade too, stands by it. Sneak into your mother’s jewellery box and gorge on your mom’s favourite gold hoop earrings.


Block heels

If you are hunting for big chunky heels, you need to look no further. Prod your mother to take out her old platform heels for you. These may not be super comfortable but hey, who said vanity was easy.

block heels.jpg

Peasant Blouses

The flowy silhouette was everything that the seventies stood for; nonchalance and freedom. Our mothers will tell us that. The peasant blouses have made a huge comeback in 2016 as well. This hippie style is effortless, casual and modern.


Winged Liner

Made famous by Sharmila Tagore and Hema Malini, the winged liner was quite the rage back in our mother’s time. Before we even heard of the winged liner, our mothers were casually applying feline flicks on their eyes. Seventies, was the decade when the cat eye look was at its most dramatic. winged liner.jpg


This flowy garb from the seventies has returned to the fashion scene, like never before. You can wear it as a beach cover up or to a date and look flawlessly elegant. Or you can tweak your mother’s old Kaftans and give them a refreshing makeover.


Time to raid your mom’s closet and borrow those enviable pieces now.


Brand of the week – 2day fashion

2day fashion.jpg

As promised here’s another brand from Voonik that solves all your problems while you hunt for coloured leggings , camisoles and tops.

2day fashion has thoughtfully put a collection for coloured leggings. They have also included them in sets when you need to buy you basics like white, black and beige!

We loved their collection and hope that you would too! Visit their entire collection here.

We’ve also picked a few from them that we loved the most.


Shop here


Shop here


Shop here


Shop here


Shop here

Brand of the week – Saubhagyawati Fashions

Saubhagyawati Fashions.jpg

Every week we bring to you the best ethnic wear brands from Voonik. This week we focus on Saubhagyawati Fashions. A brand that houses cotton kurtis, gowns and sling bags.

Saubhagyawati Fashion has a range of printed cotton kurtis, which are not only pretty to look at but are also sweet on the pocket!

Visit their entire collection here or you can shop from our fav picks below!


Shop this black cotton kurti here


Shop this  white and pink kurti here


Shop this electric blue kurti here


Shop this fuchsia kurti here


Shop this sunny yellow kurti here


LookBook – Autumn/Winter ’16 (Phase I)

LookBook AW1

Trend #1
Biker Jackets have been spotted all over the Fall/Winter runway this year! Designers have revisited the original “ruff-it-out” appeal with exotic embroidery and feminine elements.

Trend #2
This Fall get ready to bring some “Shine” into your wardrobe! Metal Sequins, Shimmers, Lurex and Mosaic Mirror work was popular in the runways and we sure aren’t complaining about all that Glam!

Trend #3
Velvet has made a come back in the deepest shades of winter. The models paraded across the runway in slinky gowns with gold constellations and the 70’s inspired tuxedo suits. It’s all about rich and opulent evening wear – the Parisian Styles!

Trend #4
Cozy Jumpers at Dsquared², distressed knits at Yeezy and ultra-long dresses at Rag & Bone – Khaki Greens were out in force,the return of Military Chic yet again!


Trend #5
This late 80’s – early 90’s staple Turtleneck has become a must-have for this Fall. Alexander Wang to Proenza Schouler – everyone has made this trend a prominent piece in their runway collections with an introduction to the semi-mock turtleneck!

Shop the LookBook on the Voonik Website/App.

LookBook – Spring/Summer ’16 (Phase II)

LookBook SS2

Trend 1
The Solid-Stripe Story
Kick start this Season with Stripes like never before! Don’t shy away from these Bold, Dramatic Stripes that have been ruling the Runways for S/S ’16.
Trend 2
Pleat it Perfect
Micro Pleats – which most of us know as Accordian Pleats – all the next big thing for this Spring! Immensely flattering and oh-so-romantic, Pleats always add that extra Edge to your Look.
Trend 3
Lightweight Denim
A hangover Trend that has been doing the rounds since last year, this year the dense and heavy denim has given way to it’s Light-Weight counterpart! A complete must-have for Spring.
Trend 4
The Pantsuit Theorem
It’s time to Suit-Up and show the world who really wears the Pants! The runway has been covered with co-ordinated Pantsuits thats all about the 80’s power-dressing! We suggest you crop your Pantsuit this Summer instead of sticking to the long pants.
Trend 5
All about Sequins & Shimmer
All that Glitters is not always Gold, but the Runways definitely showed us differently this Season! So don’t forget to bring your “Shine On” to all those Summer Parties and Elaborate Dinners!
Trend 6
Floral Frenzie
The call for Florals is inevitable for Spring, but this year it’s more about Subtle Florals for that dainty and delicate Diva. There is nothing like a short Floral Summer-Dress to take you through the heat and humidity!
Shop the LookBook on the Voonik Website/App.

LookBook – Spring/Summer ’16 (Phase I)

LookBook SS1

Trend #1
With the 70s fashion revival, this Spring/Summer make sure you’ve stocked your wardrobe with all-things-suede! Take a cue from these runway styles and dress-up your Suede with a unique touch!

Trend #2
Fringes have been doing the rounds for quite a few seasons now, but this Spring the Trend is definitely on its Peak! From accessories to clothing, leave no stone unturned this Season when it comes to this “oh-so-boho” Trend!

Trend #3
This shall be your go-to-color this Season! You might think it’s a bit too in-your-face, but take that leap of faith and make a Statement with Tangerine this Spring-Summer!

Trend #4
Another extremely popular trend this Spring is the Shoulder-Show trend! Off-Shoulder dresses and Shoulder Cut-Out tops – this Season it’s time to bring out the big guns!
Trend #5
This season Off-the-Shoulder tops were taken very Seriously. With it’s two straps going across the Neck, this no-nonsense Neckline has definitely been a Winner on the International Runways!
Shop the LookBook on the Voonik Website/App.

The Best Colors for your Skintone


The right Color can make or break a look. Be it muted shades or bright ones, every skintone has a couple of colors that makes it pop! Most of us are weary to get out of our comfort zone and experiment with certain colors which we presume doesn’t suit us.

But now it’s time to break out of such preconceived notions and find out which colors are best suited for your skintone.

Read on to find out more:

Find yourself constantly looking for shade from the summer sun? And do you have pale skin with light features? Then hues that clearly contrast with your skin tone will – quite literally – bring some colour to your complexion. Darker colours like grey, brown, burgundy, bottle green, navy and bolder shades of blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone. Pastel shades can wash you out, so we recommend you be careful while picking out lighter tints. Powder Blue and Blush Pink can do wonders, but only when paired with bolder bottoms.
Untitled design (2)

If you’ve got olive-toned skin that tends to tan rather than toast in the sun, then you have what’s known as a ‘warm’ complexion which suits a much wider spectrum of colours than those with fair skin or ‘cool’ complexions. While most colors suit your complexion, opt mostly for shades that are either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground. Choose pale beige rather than warm sand if you’re opting for light neutrals or try a bolder shade of purple (such as magenta) rather than mauve, for example. Metallics and Neons work well with your complexion as well, so do remember to put it to good use.
Untitled design (3)

The colour of your skin is perfectly positioned to marry well with the vast majority of hues and shades, as it doesn’t run the risk of being washed out like comparatively pale skin tones. Contrary to popular believe, you have a licence to wear bold, bright colours like scarlett red, jade green or cobalt blue but be mindful of adding balance to your outfit with a containing colour, which will hold the look together. While black, brown and navy are key colours in anyone’s wardrobe, it’s worth keeping these to a minimum to really make the most of your especially versatile skin tone.
Untitled design (4).jpg

Now that you know which Colors to opt for, it’s time to splurge on some perfect dresses for your beautiful complexion!

Shop all Dresses here


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